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Inventory Number: 64544
Category: Cleaning Systems
Manufacturer: UVP

UVP PR-100 Ozone Surface Cleaner A photochemical interaction occurs in an atmosphere of ultraviolet radiation and ambient air that generates ozone. As the molecules of an organic contaminant become active under ultraviolet radiation they dissociate. The organic contaminants then decompose into harmless volatile gases such as carbon dioxide. The PR-100 produces surfaces meticulously free of contamination. Chamber: 111/8” x 11 5/8” x 3 1/8”.

Now (USD): $1,500.00

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Used EDC 100

Inventory Number: 51023
Now (USD): $2,500.00

EDC 100 Exclusive Design Co. Rigid Disk Cleaning System. Uses brushes and surfactant to scrub disks. LCD display. Analog control of scrub/rinse speed and spin dry speed. 115V, 60 Hz.

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Inventory Number: 64542
Now (USD): $4,500.00

UVOCS T10X10-OES Ultra Violet Ozone Cleaning System. UV/Ozone cleaning process provides a simple, inexpensive, fast method of obtaining ultra-clean surfaces free of organic contaminants on most inorganic surfaces, such as quartz, silicon, gold, nickel, aluminum, gallium, arsenide, alumina†, etc.  The process is ideal when thin film deposition with excellent adhesion to the substrate is required.  Ultra-clean surfaces can easily be achieved by UV/Ozone processing in one to several minutes after the substrate has been cleaned by conventional techniques. Active Area: 100” squared. Sliding parts tray height to 1.5”. Lamp units 245nm UV. Digital controller. 115V, 60 Hz, 2.5A

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