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Sputtering Systems

Used AJA International ATC Orion

Inventory Number: 62869
Now (USD): $75,000.00

Sputtering System. Three 2 in. dia. magnetron sputter sources (sputter up configuration) inside the UHV-compatible vacuum chamber. Target dimensions are approximately 2 in. dia. x 1/4 in. thickness. The system has three 300 watt RF power supplies for the sputter sources with impedance matching networks and controllers. The system has one DC power supply in the 500 watt range. The system software allows for single, dual or three source cosputtering with any combination of the DC and RF power to any of the sources. The single DC power supply has three outputs but only one can be selected at a time. The three RF sputter source power supplies are all separate from each other so you can have up to three RF sources running simultaneously. There is also a fourth RF power supply and matching network attached to the substrate holder for pre-growth surface clean up, bias during growth, etc, limited to 50 watts max.  Three MFC controlled gas inputs. Substrate heat option.

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Used Anatech Hummer X

Inventory Number: 57121
Now (USD): Contact for Price

THIS UNIT IS SOLD. WE WOULD LIKE TO BUY YOUR ANATECH SYSTEMS. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE SYSTEMS TO SELL. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Cold Deposition/Etch Sputter Coater for SEM Sample Preparation. Does not have thickness monitoring crystal. Magnetically enhanced sputter head minimizes sample heating. Etch and plasma mode for removal of organic surface contamination. Automatic slow venting at termination of process. Built-in pump. Sample stage accommodates up to 3 in. dia. substrate or 12 SEM stubs. Does not come with gold target. 115V, 60 Hz, 4A.

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Used Bio-Rad E6100

Inventory Number: 62540
Now (USD): $4,950.00

Benchtop Vacuum Coater for TEM/SEM Sputter Coater and Carbon Coater. Currently configured sputtering source (ring type) and carbon coating source. E5350 power supply. 12 in. x 12in. bell jar with implosion guard. 110V, 60 Hz.

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Used CPA V2000

Inventory Number: 57052
Now (USD): $119,000.00

Five Target RF and DC Magnetron In Line Sputtering System. Currently configured for single sided sputtering but cathodes can be moved manually if double sided sputtering is desired. Target Size: 3-1/2 in. x 18 in. Easy access to cathodes via hinged doors. Currently configured with 4 DC and 1 RF cathodes. Multiple CTI cryopumps for high vacuum. Load lock chambers on both ends. Loader handles up to 28 20 in. H panels or pallets. Variable speed pallet transport system. Tested: $119,000. As Is Untested: $69,000.

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Used Denton Vacuum Desk II

Inventory Number: 56176
Now (USD): Contact for Price

THIS UNIT IS SOLD. WE WOULD LIKE TO BUY YOUR DENTON VACUUM SYSTEMS. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE SYSTEMS TO SELL. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Cold Sputter and Etch System for Coating SEM Samples. Self contained cool sputter coater. Automatic or manual operation. Magnetron sputterhead. 6 in. dia. pyrex chamber. Sputtering and etch modes. Uses foil targets that can be changed in minutes (no target with unit). 120V, 60 Hz.

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Used Denton Vacuum Explorer 14

Inventory Number: 61455
Now (USD): $21,500.00

DC Sputtering System. Chamber: 12 in. dia. x 18 in. H glass Pyrex bell jar with guard. 15-inch dia. baseplate/pumping plenum assembly supported by system cabinet. System mounted on casters. Pumping System: Turbomolecular pump, LN2 trap located beneath high vacuum poppet valve and manual fill via external funnel. Alcatel 2010 two stage, rotary vane pump. Sputter Source: (1) DSM-300A cold sputter module. 300W DC power supply, 4-inch dia. magnetron sputter source with Denton Vacuum patented ANODE GRID® for maximum electron capture and minimal specimen heating. Variable source to substrate distance. Substrate Fixturing: 8.0 in. Omni rotating fixture plate, speed adjusts via input to system touch screen. Air operated shutter. Control System: The Explorer 14 system is semiautomatic and is controlled by a DL205 CPU from Automationdirect. The operator interface is a touch panel with graphical interface to the PLC. Graphical interface is supported with Automationdirect software. Manual operation of valves, pumps, low voltage sources and fixture rotation subsystems is through this graphical interface. Semiautomatic processes are also operated through this interface.

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Used Edwards Auto 500 Turbo

Inventory Number: 60795
Now (USD): $45,000.00

Sputtering System. The Auto 500 box chamber system is a versatile front loading thin film system for Research & Development or preproduction.  The chamber is mounted on a pedestal, housing the pumping stack. A rack panel next to the vacuum pedestal houses controls for vacuum and all thin film processes accessories. Three RF magnetron cathodes, two are 4 in. dia. and one is 3 in. dia.  Rotating Substrate Carrier: 11 in. dia.  Includes RF etch.  Crystal film thickness monitor.  Turbo pump with controller and roughing pump.

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Used Edwards S150B

Inventory Number: 62430
Now (USD): $4,250.00

Cool Sputter Coater for SEM Samples. Easy to use full instrumentation. Adjustable target to work table distance. No gold target with system. Built in vacuum pump. 110V, 60 Hz, 8A.

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Used EM Corp Hummer XP-EPS

Inventory Number: 62371
Now (USD): $4,950.00

Cold Deposition/Etch Sputter Coater. Simple automatic operation. Extra large chamber: 8 in. dia. x 8 in. H. Ring type cathode 4 in. dia. (gold not included). 6 in. dia. specimen stage for multiple specimens. Self contained vacuum system.

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Used Gencoa Planar Magnetron Cathode

Inventory Number: 56694
Now (USD): $7,500.00

Target Area: 29-1/2 in. x 4-7/8 in. Gas input. With cart for maintenance of cathode.

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