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Inventory Number: 57144
Category: Evaporators
Manufacturer: CHA

CHA Bell Jar. Stainless steel. 25.75 in. OD, 29 in. tall.

Now (USD): $950.00

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Used CHA Bell Jar

Inventory Number: 63116
Now (USD): $1,250.00

CHA 25 in. ID Vacuum Bell Jar. Water cooled stainless steel vacuum bell jar with port on top for motor feedthrough.

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Used Temescal FC-1800

Inventory Number: 53808
Now (USD): $69,000.00

Temescal FC-1800 Load-Locked Electron Beam Evaporator with Substrate Heaters. This fast cycle load-locked evaporator brings the bell jar down to operator level without sacrificing the throw distance. Cryopumped high vacuum system. Four pocket gun with Temescal Simba power supply. Bell Jar: 19½” I.D. Single substrate dome 17” dia. with rotation control. Includes substrate heaters. Auto valve sequencer. Needs hinge repaired.

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Used CHA SE-1000

Inventory Number: 57367
Now (USD): $55,000.00

CHA SE-1000 E-Beam Evaporator Deposition System. Used thin film deposition system. Electron beam high vacuum deposition system. Inficon IC4 crystal deposition rate monitor. Temescal CV-14 14 kW E-Beam power supply. Four pocket E-Gun. CTI cryopump with compressor and roughing pump. Quartz lamps for substrate heating. Automatic or manual vacuum valve sequencing. Water cooled stainless steel 25 in. dia. bell jar with hoist.

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Used CHA SE-600-RAP

Inventory Number: 57536
Now (USD): $45,000.00

CHA SE-600-RAP Single Pocket E-Beam Evaporator. Used thin film deposition system. Inficon IC6000 crystal deposition monitor. Triple dome planetary for 3 in. wafers. Automatic or manual valve control. Diffusion pump. Motorized hoist. 19 in. dia. bell jar. Temescal CV-8 E-beam power supply with controls. Single pocket e-gun with shutter.

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Used CHA SE-600

Inventory Number: 57550
Now (USD): $49,500.00

CHA SE-600 High Vacuum E-Beam Evaporation System. Used thin film deposition system. PVD physical vapor deposition system. 19 in. dia. water cooled bell jar. Triple dome planetary fixturing currently configured for 3 in. dia. wafers. Inficon IC6000 crystal deposition rate monitor. Automatic valve sequencer. Four pocket E-gun with manual rotation control. Does not have auto pocket sequencer, manual only. Temescal CV-8 E-Beam power supply with controls. System uses a Varian VHS-6 diffusion pump for high vacuum.

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Used Davis & Wilder 35SC-5454

Inventory Number: 57693
Now (USD): $12,000.00

Davis & Wilder 35SC-5454 Very Large Box Coater. Inside Chamber Dimensions (at narrowest point): 54 in. W x 54 in. H x 40 in. D. Empty chamber, no pumps. Sold As Is.

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Used Davis & Wilder 3520BC

Inventory Number: 57715
Now (USD): $12,000.00

Davis & Wilder 3520BC Large Vacuum Chamber. Inside Chamber Size: 54 in. W x 54 in. H x 40 in. D. Empty chamber, no pumps. Sold As Is.

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Used IVI Corp. Box Coater

Inventory Number: 57766
Now (USD): $14,500.00

IVI Corp. Box Coater. PC controller. Crystal deposition rate controller. Heater power supply, quartz lamps inside. Resistance power supply. Inside Dimensions: 27 in. L x 27 in. D x 30 in. H. System does not have cryo or roughing pumps. Sold As Is, not complete.

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Used Veeco Deposition System

Inventory Number: 61122
Now (USD): $2,950.00

Veeco Deposition System. Ion Beam Etching and Deposition Parts System. Sold As Is.

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Used Temescal BJD-1800

Inventory Number: 62676
Now (USD): $39,000.00

Temescal BJD-1800 E-Beam Vacuum Deposition Evaporator. Low profile vacuum deposition system has the substrate holder waist height for easy access. Four pocket E-Gun with Temescal Simba 2 power supply. Quartz substrate heaters with digital temperature control. Inficon IC5 crystal deposition rate controller. Automatic and manual vacuum control capability. CTI 8 cryopump with compressor but unit does not come with a roughing pump. Sold As Is. System can be sold fully tested with warranty for an additional cost. 

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