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Wafer Analysis

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Used Filmetrics F10-RT

Inventory Number: 64571
Now (USD): $12,950.00

Filmetrics F10-RT Thin Film Analyzer NEW IN THE BOX. Model 205-0863. Simultaneous Reflectance/Transmittance Measurements for Thin-Film Applications. The F10-RT requires only a mouse-click to capture both reflectance and transmittance spectra by eliminating time-consuming changes in hardware configuration. Data capture is fast – the array-based spectrometers typically take less than a second. Instantly reports minimum and maximum reflectance and transmittance values in user-configurablewavelength ranges. Color analysis is standard and can be displayed in common color-space systems (e.g. CIELAB and CIEXYZ) as well as visually. Measured spectra and other data can easily be printed and exported or can be saved in JPEG image format for easy distribution. Software Version, Customer must supply their own computer. Includes Filmetrics standards-Thickness standard, Dark, and 3 Reflectance standards. Units purchased new in 2019 and never used. Still in the box.

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Used Bruker DEKTAK XT

Inventory Number: 64890
Now (USD): $29,000.00

Bruker Dektak XT Precision Stylus Profiler. Bruker’s DektakXT™ Stylus Profiler features a revolutionary design that enables 4 angstrom repeatability. Unmatched performance. 4 angstrom repeatability delivers industry leading accuracy. Single-arch design provides breakthrough scan stability. Leading-edge smart electronics establish new low noise benchmark. New hardware configuration offers 40% faster data collection times than prior generations. Unprecedented efficiency and ease of use. Intuitive Vision64™ user interface workflow simplifies operation. Self-aligning styli enables effortless tip exchange. Single sensor design offers low force and extended range in a single platform. Measurement Technique: Stylus profilometry (contact measurement). Measurement Capability: Two-dimensional surface profile measurements. Sample Viewing: Digital magnification, 0.275 to 2.2 mm vertical FOV.  Sample X/Y Stage: Manual Stage. Max. Sample Thickness: 50 mm (1.95 in.). Step Height Repeatability: 4Å, 1 sigma on steps ≤1 μm (30 scans using a 12.5 μm stylus). Vertical Range: 1 mm (0.039 in.). Vertical Resolution: 1Å (at 6.55 μm range). 115V, 50/60Hz, 3.2A

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