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Wafer Analysis

Used Nanometrics 8300X

Inventory Number: 59620
Now (USD): $19,000.00

Nanometrics 8300X Thin Film Metrology Tool. Unit gives robot error when powered up. Can accommodate 300mm wafers. Film thickness measurement system. Sold As Is.

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Used Semilab WT-2000PVN

Inventory Number: 62628
Now (USD): $29,000.00

Semilab WT-2000PVN Multifunction Wafer Mapping Tool. Tabletop measurement system capable of performing a variety of measurements on PV cells, wafers and blocks. Configuration: Standard µ-PCD measurements. Max. 200 mm (8 in.) sample diameter on stage, manual loading. Wintau operating and evaluation software. Test: Minority lifetime accuracy and repeatability measurements on Semilab’s µ-PCD test sample. Diffusion length, internal quantum efficiency and reflectance accuracy and repeatability measurement on Semilab’s LBIC test sample. Test Wafers: 6-inch bare, polished, n-type wafer for µ-PCD test. (Id. V1020_035).

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Used Metricon 2010M

Inventory Number: 63821
Now (USD): $9,500.00

Metricon 2010M Dual Wavelength Prism Coupler Film THickness Measuring System. Includes Waveguide Loss Attachment and two lasers, 633nm and 1550nm. The Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler utilizes advanced optical waveguiding techniques to rapidly and accurately measure both the thickness and the refractive index/birefringence of dielectric and polymer films as well as refractive index of bulk materials. The 2010/M offers unique advantages over conventional refractometers and instruments based on ellipsometry or spectrophotometry:

  • Completely General – no advanced knowledge of optical properties of film/substrate required
  • Routine index resolution of ±.0005 (accuracy of up to ±.0001 available for many applications – see specifications)
  • Routine index resolution of ±.0003 (resolution of up to ±.00005 available for many applications – see specifications)
  • High accuracy index measurement of bulk, substrate, or liquid materials including birefringence/anisotropy
  • Rapid (20-second) characterization of thin film or diffused optical waveguides or SPR sensor structures
  • Simple measurement of index vs wavelength


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Inventory Number: 63945
Now (USD): $25,000.00

CDE RESMAP 168 AUTOMATED RESISTIVITY MAPPING FOUR POINT PROBE. Creative Design Engineering Auto Cassette Load Four Point Probe Resistivity Mapping System. Types of data available are contour maps, 3D, line, data maps, histogram, diameter or radius scans, user defined and polar map. Auto cassette loading of wafers from 4” to 8” dia. Manual loading required for 2” and 3” wafers. Measurement Range: 2m ohm/sq to 5M ohm/sq. 115/230V, CE. Uses a four point probe to take measurements. 

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