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Inventory Number: 62871
Category: Plasma Etchers - Ashers - Ion Mills
Manufacturer: Anatech

Anatech SP100 Table Top Plasma System. For plasma cleaning of small parts or for modifying surfaces. Digital countdown timer. Analog pressure display. Gas flow with needle valve control. RF Power Source: 100W at 13.56 MHz. Quartz Chamber: 4 in. x 8 in. Includes vacuum pump. 110V, 60 Hz, 10A.

Now (USD): $9,500.00

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Used Trion Technology Minilock

Inventory Number: 56453
Now (USD): $2,999.00

Trion Technology Minilock Single Wafer RIE Etcher. LCD display. Load lock with transfer arm. Current substrate carrier for up to 150mm wafers. Five MFC for gas input. Missing RF generator and vacuum pump. Sold As Is.

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Used March Instruments PX 1000E8

Inventory Number: 58786
Now (USD): $21,500.00

March Instruments PX 1000E8 Plasma Asher/Etcher with Pneumatic Vertical Door. Batch system for plasma cleaning or etching. Currently configured with vertical shelves: 18 in. x 6 in. RFX 600 13.56 MHz RF generator. Two gas inputs. Does not include vacuum pump at this price, additional cost depending on type required.

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Used Plasmatherm 790 MF

Inventory Number: 60293
Now (USD): $49,000.00

Plasmatherm 790 MF Plasma RIE Reactive Ion Etch System. PC controlled plasma etching system. Single process chamber with shower head style gas input and a 7 in. dia. platen. 500W, 13.56 MHz RF generator. Five MFC gas flow channels, previous gases used: HC-23, N2, 02, SF6. Roughing pump with blower. Does not include water chiller.

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Used Oxford Instruments 90 Plus RIE

Inventory Number: 62737
Now (USD): $69,000.00

Oxford Instruments 90 Plus RIE Reactive Etcher with Loadlock. Small batch load-locked RIE with 275 mm electrode. Easy to use computer interface controls all system functions. 13.56 MHz RF generator, 600W. Gas box with four MFC. Previous gases used: Oxygen, Boron Trichloride, Chlorine and Nitrogen. 

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Used Xactix E1

Inventory Number: 62366
Now (USD): $32,000.00

XeF2 Xenon Diflouride Etching System. FULLY TESTED AND READY TO SHIP 
Upgraded by Xactix with continuous flow of XeF2 to allow for extremely short or long etch times. Standard Features: Pulsed flow etching process. PC based control software manages recipes, logs data and manages multiple users with password protection. Open load system to handle multiple types of substrates (wafers, chips, dicing frames, packages) without special handling substrates. Transparent process chamber lid and shower head over full water allows visual inspection of the entire wafer. MFC continuous flow adds a second type of process, a continuous flow of XeF2. This is in addition to the standard pulsed flow etching. The continuous flow process recipe includes the flow rate of XeF2, the pressure of the process chamber and the time to etchcomputer. Etch Rates: 0.1 μm/min - 10 μm/min. WIW Uniformity: Less than 15%. R2R Repeatability: Less than 15%. Optional MFC Based Continuous Flow Range: 0.2 sccm - 2 sccm (standard). Chamber Pressure Range: 0.2 Torr - 3 Torr. See demonstration video

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Inventory Number: 63813
Now (USD): $39,000.00

PLASMA-THERM SLR RIE LOAD LOCKED REACTIVE ION ETCHING SYSTEM. System was upgraded to Cortex V3.7 windows graphical user interface which provides an easy and familiar environment for machine operation and control. System is capable of up to eight gas inputs but currently only configured with 4 MFC. Previous gasses used O2, AR, CF4, C2F6. Vacuum system is equiped with high vacuum turbo pump and roughing pumps for both the process chamber and the load lock chamber. RF5S 500 watt 13.56 MHZ RF generator. Includes a Neslab HX-75 recirculating chiller. System power 220V,3PH, 50/60 HZ.

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Inventory Number: 62603
Now (USD): $185,000.00

Plasmatherm SLR-770 ICP Shuttle Lock ICP Inductively Coupled Plasma Etch System. PC controller. Vacuum load lock with wafer transfer robot. Can process wafers from 2” to 8” depending on which process kit is installed. Currently configured with 3” kit. Thermal transfer module for effective cooling of substrate utilizing helium backside thermal transfer in conjunction with computer controlled substrate clamping. High frequency RF-based inductively coupled plasma source capable of high density plasma generation. Closed loop pressure control. Turbo pump with roughing pump. Total of eight MFC gas controllers. Previous gases used N2, O2, CHF3, AR, CH4, CL2, BCL3, CF4. Includes water chiller.

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Used Plasmatherm 790 ICP ETCH SYSTEM

Inventory Number: 58884
Now (USD): $85,000.00

Plasmatherm Unaxis 790 ICP Plasma Etch System. Inductively coupled plasma etching system for high etch rates and control over selectivity and damage. PC controller with graphical user interface. 9.5” bottom electrode, ceramic clamp currently for 2” wafer. Chamber pumped via turbo pump with rough pump. RF Generators:  RFPP5S 500W, 13.56 MHz and RFPP10M 1000W, 2 MHz. Six MFC mass flow gas controllers. Previous Gases used: CL2, SF6, N2, CF4, AR, BCL3.

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