Used Optical Equipment for Sale

Specialized needs required specialized equipment, and when it comes to optics, you need to know that the used optical equipment you want is going to be reliable, properly calibrated and trustworthy. Every piece of used optical equipment for sale through Bid Service has not only been thoroughly vetted before we buy it, but has been fully refurbished, recalibrated where needed and made like-new for your specialized needs.

Our range of optical lab tools includes products from the best-known manufacturers, Newport and Parker, and includes a wide variety of products, from Newport optical tables to optical meters, optical spectrometers to arc lamp housings and more.

Whether you’re looking for a Newport optical table, or simply looking to replace worn-out equipment, we may have the solution for you. As refurbishers and distributors of pre-owned optical lab supplies, our range can vary and we recommend checking in with us regularly if you need specific equipment.

We also buy old and used optical equipment, so if you have a used optical table, spectrometers, or any of a large range of used optical equipment you want to replace, or if your operations are closing down or moving and you need to sell a full operation, we are happy to evaluate your used equipment and make an offer.