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Inventory Number: 50708
Category: Circuit Board Assembly
Manufacturer: Think & Tinker

Think & Tinker 3000 Photopolymer Dry Film Developing Module. Developer bath with temperature controller. Never used.

Now (USD): $1,950.00

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Used Para Tech Labtop 3000

Inventory Number: 64770
Now (USD): $12,950.00

Para Tech LabTop 3000 Compact Bench Top Parylene Conformal Coating System. The compact LabTop by Para Tech is designed for coating small substrates and modules in laboratory, R&D and short run production settings. Its 8” by 9” stainless steel chamber can also accommodate larger devices for prototyping and research and development applications. Features the same automated process features and vacuum coating precision as full size Para Tech coating systems. Ideal for application development as well as short run production coating of printed circuit boards, medical components, electronic sensors and other small substrates. Tangential entry and exit of the polymerizing monomer results in an extremely low coating thickness gradient as well as superior film uniformity. Produces very thin Parylene film for optical applications and microwave components.  CE compliant.

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Used Laco Technologies LVST-1P15589/VC-3000

Inventory Number: 64821
Now (USD): $3,250.00

Laco Technologies LVST-1P15589/VC-3000 Pressure and Vacuum Component Testing Vessel. This 12" x 12" vessel is currently configured for testing components under pressure but can be modified to test under vacuum as well. The VC-3000 controller is fully programmable allowing testing parameters to be entered and stored. The VC-3000 controls all valve functions into the chamber. Multiple electronics feed throughs already installed.

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Inventory Number: 64165
Now (USD): $11,000.00

LPKF PRECISION CIRCUIT BOARD PLOTTER. The ProtoMat S103 is one of the top of the line LPKF circuit board plotters. The extensively equipped system is suitable for all application areas including multilayer and RF – in FR4 18/18 Cu material it can achieve PCB track widths up to 100 μm. The high rotation speed and precision ensures production of the latest generation of PCBs. The pneumatic non-contact working depth limiter allows substrates with delicate surfaces to be machined.Fully automated operation. Highest available speed (100,000 rpm), highest resolution (0.5 μm) and repeatability (± 0.001 mm). Automatic 15-position tool changer. Automatic milling width adjustment. 110V, 50/60Hz, CE

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Used T-TECH 7000-SE

Inventory Number: 64350
Now (USD): $7,500.00

T-TECH 7000-SE Quick Circuit Prototype System. The Quick Circuit QC7000 is equipped with a large 13” x 19″ work area. This system provides you with everything you need to produce circuit board prototypes within hours. The QC7000 can easily produce analog, digital, or RF/Microwave prototypes.

Specifications: Model QC7000
  Standard Speed High Speed
RPM Software Controlled 8-24,000 0-60,000 or 0-100,000
3 Phase Spindle Power 300 Watts 300 Watts
Smallest Drill Size .15mm (0.006”) 0.1mm (0.004”)
Smallest Mill Size .15mm (0.006”) 0.1mm (0.004”)
Milling Speed 3,800mm/min (150”/min) 3,800mm/min (150”/min)
Traverse Speed 3,800mm/min (150”/min) 3,800mm/min (150”/min)
Drilling Speed 180 Holes/min 180 Holes/min
Routing Speed 3,800mm/min (150”/min) 4,500mm/min (180”/min)
Material Size 400mm x 610mm (16”x24”) 400mm x 610mm (16”x24”)
Work Area 330x480x16 mm (13x19x0.629”) 330x480x16 mm (13x19x0.629”)
Resolution 0.0012mm (0.0005”) 0.006mm (0.00025”)
Repeatability  0.008mm (0.00036”) 0.004mm (0.00018”)

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