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Inventory Number: 61897
Category: Optics
Manufacturer: Newport

Newport 60090 Quartz Tungsten Halogen Lamp. For applications needing visible to near infrared continuous radiation. Cannot test.

Now (USD): $750.00

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Used Labsphere LMS-200

Inventory Number: 64516
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Labsphere LMS-200 Light Measurement Sphere. The LMS-200 is a 20 inch diameter integrating sphere mounted on a hinged frame designed for bench-top use. The hinged configuration allows the sphere to be easily opened and closed to change lamps or perform a measurement. The sphere is designed for measurement of miniature and small lamps with a maximum lamp wattage up to 400 watts.

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Used Newport 918D-IS-IG

Inventory Number: 64171
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Newport 918D-IS-IG Universal Fiber Optic Detector uses a symmetrical integrating sphere design to ensure accurate calibration, regardless of the fiber type measured. The integrating sphere uses a novel dual detector design, with special optics that improve temperature sensitivity markedly from ordinary detectors. Specifications. Spectral Range: 800 to 1650 nm. Saturation Power: > 200 mW. Saturation Energy 10–15 ns pulse: >1 µJ. Pulse Energy, Maximum: 100 µJ. Calibration Uncertainty: 3% @ 800 to1650 nm. Responsivity: >=0.0040. Rise Time: = 20 M-ohm. Die Capacitance: 800 pF max. NEP @ 5 Hz and 1 A/W (pW/sqRtHz): 3. Material: InGaAs. DB15 Connector.

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Used Newport Benctop Breadboard Isolation Platform

Inventory Number: 64371
Now (USD): $1,100.00

Newport Benchtop Breadboard Isolation Platform. Optical breadboard vibration isolation platform with threaded holes on a 1" by 1" grid. Pneumatic vibration isolation with self leveling valves under breadboard. 24" x 36" x 3"

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Used Newport 4x6 table

Inventory Number: 64514
Now (USD): $4,950.00

Newport 4' x 6' Optical Table. 4' x 6' by 12" thick optical breadboard table with threaded holes 1" on center. Four vibration isolation legs with leveling valves. Table height 28".

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Used Newport Breadboard 24" x 36" x 4"

Inventory Number: 64557
Now (USD): $500.00

Newport Optical Breadboard. 4" thick by 24" long and 36" wide breadboard with threaded holes on a one inch grid.

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Used Newport Optical Breadboard Metric

Inventory Number: 64558
Now (USD): $650.00

Newport Optical Breadboard Metric 1m x 1m x 38mm with threaded holes M6 on a 25mm grid.

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Used Newport Optical Breadboard Metric 1mx1mx38mm

Inventory Number: 64556
Now (USD): $650.00

Newport Optical Breadboard Metric 1m x 1m x 38mm with threaded holes M6 on a 25mm grid.

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