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Inventory Number: 64926
Category: Bonders - Welders
Manufacturer: West Bond

West Bond 4KE Semi-Automatic, Motorized Y/Z Axes, Wedge-Wedge, Ball-Wedge Convertible Wire Bonder. Series 4KE models are three-way convertible Semi-Automatic wire bonders of a gantry design. The entire mechanism is arrayed above the work plane, so that it is wide open to accommodate different size and style of work packages. Two-axes X and Y are driven manually by unique West·Bond micro-manipulator for positioning. Microprocessor controlled W (in Y direction) and Z axes are driven by program controlled motors to arch the connection. It is capable of creating a series of parallel, single or multiple arched wires while maintaining identical loop and bond shapes. Cross roller bearings rigidly guided axes are moving orthogonally, with independent pneumatic brakes in X and Y applied on signal. Target the critical bond location manually with the manipulator via moving the crosshairs generated on the screen and image captured from vertical view CCTV camera, then the target will be secured by the brakes to proceed with programmed bonding. A dual force mechanism, operated pneumatically, acts to change between two pre-set force values, and either high or low force may be programmed for any bond. Radiant tool heat with panel mounted, controlled by constant current. With simple exchange of clamp assemblies, bond tool, and wire path provided with the software mode will allow quick conversion between conventional 45º wire feed, deep access wire or ribbon, ball bonding, insulated wire and single point tab / lead bonding. All programmed bond variables as well as machine settings for each bond mode are retained in the machines memory. Bond Force: 10 – 150 grams; (High / Low programmable). Au / Al: 0.7 to 3 mil, Ribbon: 0.5x2 to 1x10 mil, Au Ball Bonding: 0.7 to 2 mil. 115V, 50/60Hz, 3.2A

Now (USD): $27,500.00

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Used Avio PHU-10

Inventory Number: 52634
Now (USD): $950.00

Avio PHU-10 Pulse Heating Power Supply with NT-5A Transformer.

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Used Leko L930U

Inventory Number: 60373
Now (USD): $4,950.00

Leko L930U Pulse Heat Alignment and Bonding TAB/FPC onto TFT/LCD. LCD repair machine. Connect TAB/FPC onto TFT/ LCD. Soft soldering technics to connect FPC FFC onto PCB: Connect single core axes onto plugs. Applied to seal LCD modules in cell phones, electronic translators, PDA, digital cameras, pins of computers.Precise temperature control system. PLC to multi-point control the operation of the machine. Collocate one or two sets of high precision CCD systems. Standard Size of Bonding Blade: 60x2 (mm) MAX. Camera: White and Black /color 1/3 interface. Temp. Range: Room temperature to 400 deg C +/-1 deg C. Time Range: 0.1S - 999H +/-0.1S.  Pressure Range: 0.15 - 0.5 Mpa. Heat Up Time: 100 - 300 deg C 4 - 8S.

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Used Ohashi CAJR-02SDPX

Inventory Number: 60383
Now (USD): $12,000.00

Ohashi CAJR-02SDPX Tabletop Chip Alignment System for LCD or FPC. Aligns and mounts IC chips onto a position of LCD or FPC. Date of Mfg.: 9/2010.

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Used Hypervision Chip Unzip

Inventory Number: 48882
Now (USD): $3,500.00

Hypervision Chip Unzip Backside Preparation System. Low stress backside preparation system is useful for the development and analysis of flip-chips, lead-on-chips packaging and advanced chip design with more than 3 metallization layers. Software controlled milling to remove semiconductor packaging materials: epoxy molding compound, ceramic, metal and perform backside thinning on silicon die.

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Used Benchmark System 2000

Inventory Number: 61894
Now (USD): $500.00

Benchmark System 2000 Seam Sealer Package Welder. As Is, only what is in photo. No power supply or computer.

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Used West Bond 7372B

Inventory Number: 63226
Now (USD): $11,500.00

West Bond 7372B Convertible Epoxy & Eutectic Die Bonder. Simple change of a tool head allows for use as either epoxy or eutectic die bonder. With pick-up tool rotation and radiant heat. Microprocessor controller with LCD display. StereoZoom microscope.

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Used K&S 4524

Inventory Number: 64238
Now (USD): $12,950.00

K&S 4524 Manual Gold Ball Bonder. Versatile production capabilities for bonding applications from simple to discrete devices up to complex hybrid, microwave devices. Built-in programmable negative electronic flame-off system provides ball size fine control and consistency. Does not have Heated work holder. Must purchase separately. Digital logic controls all machine functions, including ball size and tail length. StereoZoom microscope. 115V, 50/60 Hz, 4A, CE. Includes fiber optic spotlight target and lighting option.

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Inventory Number: 64299
Now (USD): $25,000.00

XYZTec Condor Sigma Advanced Bond Tester. Sigma is the most advanced bond tester. It comes with game-changing automation capabilities and high specifications in: Sensor accuracy, large x stages, superior axis speed and future proof and modular design. The Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) houses up to 6 flexible sensors that are configurable with various pull, peel, push, or shear tools. This enables continuous testing up to 200 kgf. Software comes with 2 levels of programming to make it approachable for operators and engineers to customize the widest range of manual and automated test sequences. Onboard graphics and intelligent wizards allow easy programming with limited automation commands for one default test method. The software ensures complete documentation of the test protocol, provides preset configurations, and intuitive operator screens. Operators can start automations, created and maintained on engineering level, with a single click. Statistical Process Control (SPC) offers comprehensive statistical information to analyze your production process. This includes different types of graphs to view on screen or to print as reports. 110v,50/60hZ,CE. Sensors installed Pull 100gf, Rotating Shear 100gf, Pull 100gf Tweezer and Pull10Kgf.

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Used Branson SW-200

Inventory Number: 64551
Now (USD): $12,500.00

Branson SW-200 Spin Welder. The Branson SW200 is a precision servo-driven spin welding system capable of welding circular parts with accurate control. It is easy to set up and operate. The SW200 is designed for use in manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated environments. A free-standing operator interface allows for the following adjustments: revolutions per minute (RPM), revolutions per cycle (RPC), and hold time (HT). Adjustable RPC (revolutions per weldcycle). This provides for consistent weld results. Rapid deceleration provides high-strength bonds. Adjustable hold time. Adjustable height (18"/457 mm) andstroke (up to 3.5"/89 mm) provide ease of setup. 208V, 1Ph, 60Hz, 20A

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Used West Bond 7700E-79

Inventory Number: 64698
Now (USD): $17,000.00

West Bond 7700E-79 Thermosonic Ball to Wedge Wire Bonder. Wire Bonder Bonds gold wires ranging from 0.0007” to 0.002”. Three-axis manual micromanipulator, entire mechanism arrayed above the work plane, so there is no limit to size of work piece. All machine configuration constants and bond settings are programmable, prompted by a series of screens. Heated work holder with digital control. 115V, 50/60 Hz, 10A

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