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Inventory Number: 62973
Category: Furnaces - Autoclaves
Manufacturer: Applied Test Systems

Applied Test Systems 3350-CA 1700 deg C High Temperature Box Furnace. Digital controller. Maintains uniform temperature with minimal losses. Max. Temp.: 1700 deg C. Interior Dimensions: 6 in. H x 9 in. W x 5.5 in. L. 230V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 40A.

Now (USD): $9,500.00

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Used Jipelec SiC Furnace

Inventory Number: 58065
Now (USD): $15,000.00

Jipelec SiC Furnace High Temperature Batch Furnace. Designed to provide high temperature uniformity and long process capability. Temp. Range: 700 deg C to 2000 deg C. Ramp Rate: Up to 15 deg C/s. Pyrometer Control: 500 deg C to 2000 deg C. For small substrates up to 2 in. dia. Can be used with vacuum pump, not included. 208V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 67A, CE.

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Used Blue M 8850D-1

Inventory Number: 58581
Now (USD): $3,250.00

Blue M 8850D-1 Box Furnace. Digital programmable controller. Max. Temp.: 1093 deg C. Inside Dimensions: 10 in. L x 18 in. W x 10 in. H. 480V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.

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Used Nabertherm RS 70/1120/11S

Inventory Number: 59763
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Nabertherm RS 70/1120/11S Hinged 1100 deg C Tube Furnace. Ends of furnace taper down to small 1 in., can be made bigger. Heated Zone Size: 4 in. dia. x 45 in. L. Max. Temp.: 1100 deg C. Digital controller with ramping control. 400V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 30.4A, CE.

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Used Lindberg 58485-P-B

Inventory Number: 63763
Now (USD): $950.00

Lindberg 58485-P-B Programmable 1500 Deg Controller. Three zone 1500 degree c programmable furnace controller for high temperature tube furnaces. 208/240V 50/60 HZ.

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Used Sentro Tech STV-1650C-121216

Inventory Number: 64020
Now (USD): $29,000.00

SENTRO TECH STV-1650C-121216 HIGH TEMPERATURE 1600 C VACUUM FURNACE. Custom high-temperature vacuum furnace and controlled atmosphere furnace. These combined furnaces allow you to alter atmospheric conditions during a single firing cycle. Maximum temperature 1650 degrees C. Bank of 10 MoSi2 Heating elements with a usable chamber area of 10.5"w x 11.5"d x 10.5"h. Alumina silica refractory brick taylored for hightemperature operation. Type B thermocouple for temperature control. Active purge with Argon gas, argon gas mechanical refrigeration system capable of rapid cooling. Pressure control with Festo proportional valve. Includes vacuum pump. Previously used for annealing SiC crystal damage from Ion Implatation. 208V, 1Ph, 60Hz, 90A. Maximum temperature in air 1700°C, Maximum temperature in argon gas 1650°C, Maximum Vacuum at 1500°C 10 -1 torr, Maximum Vacuum at 1400°C 10 -2 torr. Maximum inside chamber positive pressure 8psi. Heating chamber size 12" x 12" x 16".

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Used Allwin21 Accuthermo AW810M

Inventory Number: 64213
Now (USD): $49,000.00

Allwin21 Accuthermo AW810M Rapid Thermal Processing Furnace RTP. The AccuThermo AW810 is a rapid thermal processing (RTP) system, which uses high intensity visible radiation to heat single wafers for short process periods of time at precisely controlled temperatures. The process periods are typically 1‑600 seconds in duration, although periods of up to 9999 seconds can be selected. The RTAPRO control software allows full control and diagnostics of the AccuThermo RTP system.  In addition, it allows the creation of recipes for automated control of the temperature and, optionally, process gas flow. High-intensity visible radiation heats wafers for short periods of 1 to 9999 seconds at precisely controlled temperatures in the 100°C to 800°C range. (1 to 600 second heating periods are used typically.) This unit only uses the thermocouple temperature control and does not have the optional pyrometer for higher temperature operations up to 1200° C. The system has four process gas inputs. The unit can accommodate substrates up to 8" diameter. Ramp up rate:  Programmable, 10°C to 120°C per second. 208V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 100A

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Used Lenton UAF 14/10

Inventory Number: 64217
Now (USD): $3,250.00

Lenton UAF 14/10 High Temperature Box Furnace. Maximum temperature 1400° C, maximum continuous temperature 1350° C. Digital programmable controller. Inside dimensions: 13"D x 7"W x 8"H. 240V, 50/60Hz, 20A

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