Used Ulvac High Vacuum Chamber

Inventory Number: 64265
Now (USD): $8,500.00

Ulvac Stainless Vacuum Chamber. Vacuum chamber previously used on a cluster tool producing OLED modules. Inside of chamber is 30"W x 30"D x 30"H. There is a 16"ID poppet valve with a CVC style flange that had been used for a CTI 400 cryopump which was removed and sold separately. There is a slot valve that was used to pass substrates to the rotating substrate fixture inside the chamber. Multiple shutter actuators and feed throughs on bottom of chamber. Crystal sensors. Chamber in nice condition. Chamber sold as is not tested.

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Used Ulvac CRYO-U8HL

Inventory Number: 64621
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Ulvac Cryo-U8HL Cryo Pump. 9.5"OD, 8.375" ID ISO flange. Unit came off of a working system. 2 UNITS AVAILABLE

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Used Ulvac CRYO-U10HL

Inventory Number: 64693
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Ulvac CRYO-U10HL Rebuilt 10" Cryo Pump. Pumping speed 240L/S. 11.5" OD ISO-K Flange.

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Used Ulvac C30B

Inventory Number: 64733
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Ulvac C30B Cryo Compressor. 220V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz, 17A

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