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Used Tousimis Autosamdri 931

Inventory Number: 64814
Now (USD): $25,000.00

Tousimis Autosamdri 931 Multi-Application Digital Critical Point Dryer with Stasis Mode. 2.5" Chamber. Integrated field proven tousimis® innovations: EZ Access Post Purge Filter, Chamber Inserts LCO2 Filtration, Slow Fill. The Autosamdri® -931 series comes with "Stasis Software” (Patent Pending) specific for Drying Gels and other various challenging sample types. The Autosamdri® -931 delivers a new level of Precision Process Control enabling Automated Reproducible Results.

• Bright LCD Touchscreen Control
• Use Factory Default Settings or Create Custom Recipes
• Micro Metering Valves with Easy View Vernier Handles
• 'Slow Fill' Control for the most delicate Sample Types
• Internal Particulate Filtration down to 0.08um *
• Fast Adiabatic Chamber Cooling (Less than 60 seconds for 1.25" Process
• External mounted Post Purge Filter Assembly allows EZ maintenance
• Internal SOTER™ Condenser separates waste alcohol and CO2, eliminates both
Static discharge, exhaust freeze up. and purge exhaust noise.
• Illuminated Process Chamber for exact process flow viewing
• Non-Mechanical Purge Stirring (Patent Pending) eliminates moving parts for easy maintenance
• “Stasis Software” (Patent Pending) with complete range control for Gels and more challenging sample types
• “Stasis Software” (Patent Pending) takes advantage of lower density and viscosity parameters of both LCO2 and alcohol for
complete LCO2 replacement during traditionally difficult sample process runs
• Compact Cabinet with Small Foot Print static free design
• Electronic components meet CE, UL and/or U.S. Military specifications
• Low Power Consumption and minimal facility requirements
• Global Service and Support
• Made in U.S.A.

Chamber Size: 2.50" ID x 1.25" Depth (63.50mm ID x 31.75mm Depth) - 100 ml Volume

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