Used Dynavac Multi-Layer DC Sputtering System

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Dynavac 4 Target DC Sputtering System with Load/lock and RF Etch.
Capable of sequential and simultaneous deposition of up to two targets at once. Configured in a sputter down mode to deposit metals onto a single rotating substrate fixture capable of holding a 150mm substrate. Four Angstrom Sciences 102mm diameter magnetron cathodes with angular adjustment of up to 30° and an adjustable source to substrate distance from 3" to 8". Cathodes powered by an Advanced Energy 3KW dual output power supply. Substrates are loaded automatically by the load lock robot. Manual operation also available. RF Plasma Cleaning for conditioning substrates prior to deposition. Vacuum chamber is 600mm x 600mm x 600mm 304 stainless steel construction. Chamber high vacuum via CTI 10" cryo pump and the load lock is pumped by a turbo pump. The operator interface consists of a computer running Microsoft Windows 7 and Rockwell software RSview HMI software package. Provides the operator with graphical interface and control functions required for operation. Organized into a series of menu-driven screens that provide clear access to various levels of system control. System can be run fully automated via a process recipe or in manual modes. 208V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 150A. System year of manufacture 2016. Very Nice Condition.

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