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Cascade Microtech

Used Cascade Microtech FPD-100

Inventory Number: 56790
Now (USD): $250.00

Vacuum Based Dual Probe Holder. These tools are for mounting two of the Cascade DCM 200 manipulators together on vacuum base for easy mounting and removal. $250 each.

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Used Cascade Microtech Summit 9000

Inventory Number: 62186
Now (USD): $12,500.00

Manual Precision Analytical Probe Station. Modular design to accommodate the full range of Cascade Microtech microwave and digital probing tools. Square 6 in. x 6 in. vacuum chuck. Ample platen mounting surface for DC needle probes and other accessories. Linear Z lift. Roll out stage for fast loading. Stereo microscope.

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Used Cascade Microtech RF-1

Inventory Number: 62331
Now (USD): $15,000.00

Microwave Probe Station. The RF-1 combines precision movement and stability with high value microwave probing features and accommodates the full range of Cascade’s microwave probing tools. Features: Compact benchtop design, precision 150mm (6 in.) x-y stage, 1-inch adjustable z-chuck height, 150mm (6 in.) microwave chuck. Patented auxiliary chucks for calibration substrates. Switch selectable vacuum zones, 1-inch coaxial x-y microscope transport with safety lock. High rigidity microwave platen with precision linear lift. Accommodates up to four microwave positioners. X-Y stage travel 152 x 152mm (6 in. x 6 in.). Microwave wafer chuck size 152mm (6 in.) semi-square with two integrated auxiliary chucks.

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Used Cascade Microtech REL-6100

Inventory Number: 62185
Now (USD): $32,500.00

Semiautomatic Probe Station with 200mm Heated Chuck. The REL-6100 Series Parametric Probe Station combines precision sub-micron probing capability with the superior measurement performance necessary for DC/CV analysis. The stations feature sub-micron resolution, precise motion control and 8-inch travel. High precision stage for internal die probing. Manual and motorized override of all programmable functions under closed-loop continuous tracking conditions. Extremely useful for fast probe tip replacement in programmable and CAD navigation environments. Self-evident movement control with manual knobs, joystick, or mouse.

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Used Cascade Microtech DCM 210

Inventory Number: 62692
Now (USD): $1,500.00

Vacuum Base Precision Probe Micropositioner with Picoprobe Power Supply. Features .5 in. X,Y and Z axis adjustment range. Vacuum base. Includes power supply.

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Used Cascade Microtech DCM 210

Inventory Number: 62693
Now (USD): $1,750.00

Vacuum Base Precision Probe Micropositioner. The DCM series probe micropositioner, optimized for all DC/CV applications, accepts a variety of Cascade Microtech DC probes. Its small profile enables you to position multiple positioners at any angle to the DUT.

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Used Cascade Microtech DCM 200

Inventory Number: 62694
Now (USD): $1,500.00

Vacuum Base Precision Probe Micropositioner. Features .5 in. X,Y and Z axis adjustment range. Micron placement accuracy. Vacuum base.

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Used Cascade Microtech 1200

Inventory Number: 62700
Now (USD): $2,500.00

Probe Card Holder. Low profile probe card holder for Summit Stations with MicroChamber. Support for 4.5 in. rectangular probe cards up to 11.357 in. L.

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Used Cascade Microtech 12000

Inventory Number: 62701
Now (USD): $62,500.00

200mm Semiautomatic Analytical Probe Station with MicroChamber and Heated Chuck. MicroChamber™ isolates and shields the chuck from external environment. This eliminates electromagnetic and electrostatic interference. You make measurements inside an integral, low noise, shielded and light-tight chamber. Sturdy optics bridge mount with 8 in. x 5 in. travel for analytical microscope. Mitutoyo microscope with single long working distance objective. Vibration isolation table built just for this type of prober. 200mm thermal chuck with Temptronic TPO3010B-2300-1 temperature controller and a temperature range of 0 to +200 deg C. Easy to use graphical user interface guide you through prober tasks. X-Y stage resolution 0.1 micron with an accuracy of +/- 2 micron. Handles up to eight vacuum mount, magnetic-mount or fixed mount positioners. Safely load and unload DUTs with easy access and locking roll out stage.

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Used Cascade Microtech MH2

Inventory Number: 62707
Now (USD): $950.00

Vacuum Base Probe Manipulator. Precision probe manipulator for precision placement of test pin on a wafer prober. Provides 3 Axis of linear motion.

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