Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose a Freight Forwarder for my international shipment?

 Here is a list of the top 25 Freight Forwarders.

The top 25 Freight Forwarders

How do I submit a Purchase Order?

You may provide your own Purchase Order and email it to [email protected], or you may click on "Create Purchase Order" when browsing the products. If you provide your own Purchase Order, it is appropriate to provide the information on company or university letterhead. Once submitted, if you do not receive a phone call or email confirmation within 24 hrs., we ask that you follow up by calling us at (732) 863-9500 to ensure your request was received.

How do I change or cancel my online Purchase Order?

There are two options. You may email [email protected] with your request, or you may call us at (732) 863-9500. An email cancellation confirmation will be sent to the email address provided.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Acceptable forms of payment include: Company Check, Bank Wire, ACH transfer, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

What type of Warranty do you provide?

 We offer 30 Day Right of Return.  All items (unless specifically noted) are sold with our 30 Day Right of Return, and are fully refurbished. The 30 Day Right of Return has some conditions. You are always responsible for shipping both ways if you return an item. It basically allows you to determine if the item is suitable for the use you intended it for. 

What condition are items in?

All items (unless specifically noted in each ad) are sold with our 30 Day Right of Return, and are fully refurbished. Our goal in refurbishing the equipment is to make all features functional as the item was delivered new from the manufacturer. In some cases we also will refinish an item so it's appearance is 'as new' . The photos shown on our website are of the item as it arrives at Bid Service. After completing our refurbishment process it will typically look much better than the photo you've seen. If you have more questions on the condition of any item, please contact your salesperson.

When can I expect delivery?

Shipping of some items can possibly be expedited. As soon as we receive payment from you and can schedule shipping, you will be informed as to its status. Other items may need to go through our refurbishment process before we will release them to you. The time this takes can vary greatly from a week to several weeks depending on our backlog. Your salesperson will try to estimate the current refurbishment delivery status. We normally do not start refurbishment until we have received a hard-copy purchase order from the buyer.  Shipping is not arranged until Bid Service has been paid in full. If you have any further questions on delivery, please contact your salesperson.

Why do you require a purchase order before accepting an order?

Much of our equipment is unique, one-of-a-kind items, and as such, are in high demand. It's only fair to all our customers if we agree to sell on a first come, first serve basis. The first customer to actually provide a purchase order for the item is the customer who the item is sold to. Unless other terms have been previously arranged, a purchase order must be accompanied by payment in full unless you have terms with Bid Service.

Can you put an item on hold for me?

Yes - usually. We can put an item on hold for you for three (3) business days. If someone else hasn't already placed that item on hold. The “hold” will end after three business days if we have not received a purchase order from you, and will be returned to general inventory.

We need to visit Bid Service for an onsite in-person demonstration; can you send us directions?

Yes. We offer a complete PDF package including detailed directions whether driving or flying, a Bid Service discount to a Radisson Hotel nearby in case you need to stay a few days, and a map of the local area. We are located within driving distance of Newark Liberty International and JFK International Airports. Bid Service operation hours are from 8:30am - 5:00pm (EST).

Where is the equipment you offer for sale located?

All of the equipment Bid Service offers for sale is warehoused, refurbished, and sold from its facilities at 225 Willow Brook Rd. in Freehold, NJ unless otherwise indicated. Occasionally we do list consignment equipment which may be located else ware, or may be still up and running in a facility. We would give you detailed information about this equipment should you inquire. 

The Equipment I purchased is being prepared for shipping – what are my options?

This depends.

Domestic Shipment: (Contiguous 48 US states): We first determine the size and weight of the equipment once it is packaged. We then will request quotes from three shipping companies. You as the customer can then select the shipping company and /or price you would like to use. If you have no preference, we'll select the lowest cost shipper. We only ship with companies qualified to handle high-value delicate electronic shipments (commonly called "Electronics Movers" utilizing air-ride padded vans). You may also chose to provide your own source of transportation. Keep in mind that large trucks and fork lifts are frequently used.

Overseas and Foreign Shipment:  Bid Service will assist you in finding a freight forwarder for your shipment unless you have one. You are responsible for any and all freight charges, import duties, fees, etc. You as the customer are billed directly by the freight forwarder. When needed, we can provide crating materials meeting different import restrictions for an additional fee. It is your responsibility to determine if the equipment can be used in your country due to any restrictions, or power requirements.