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XYZTec Condor Sigma Advanced Bond Tester. Sigma is the most advanced bond tester. It comes with game-changing automation capabilities and high specifications in: Sensor accuracy, large x stages, superior axis speed and future proof and modular design. The Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) houses up to 6 flexible sensors that are configurable with various pull, peel, push, or shear tools. This enables continuous testing up to 200 kgf. Software comes with 2 levels of programming to make it approachable for operators and engineers to customize the widest range of manual and automated test sequences. Onboard graphics and intelligent wizards allow easy programming with limited automation commands for one default test method. The software ensures complete documentation of the test protocol, provides preset configurations, and intuitive operator screens. Operators can start automations, created and maintained on engineering level, with a single click. Statistical Process Control (SPC) offers comprehensive statistical information to analyze your production process. This includes different types of graphs to view on screen or to print as reports. 110v,50/60hZ,CE. Sensors installed Pull 100gf, Rotating Shear 100gf, Pull 100gf Tweezer and Pull10Kgf.

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