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TMAXCN TMAX-160S Coin Cell Crimper. TMAXCN Brand Lab Electric Sealer Coin Cell Crimper Machine for Crimping CR20XX Coin Cells. It's used for various of button cell electric crimping . Standard configuration can be used for disassembling CR20 series of coin cell. The machine has the advantages like small dimensions, easy operation, stable crimping , etc. Equipped with different moulds can also be used for other works like powder pressing ,button cell disassembing etc . 1.Electric operation with touch screen . 2.High precision moudel design to ensure stabe sealing 3.Simple to change crimping die . 4.Small size can be put into glovebox through φ360 antechamber. 110V, 50/60Hz

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TMAXCN TMAX-SFZ200 Pouch Cell Heat Sealer Top & Side Sealing. Pouch Cell Heat Sealing Machine For Top & side Pouch Sealing TMAX-SFZ200 is a CE Certified compact heating sealer for sealing aluminum-laminated films during pouch cell (polymer Li-Ion cell) case preparation. It can prepare the pouch cell for the injection of electrolyte by sealing the side and top of the pouch cell with tab. Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz Single Phase Sealing Length 200 mm -400 Sealing Width 3.2 mm (Can be customized)Sealing Thickness 0.19 - 0.3 mm Max. Power 600W Sealing Pressure 0.5 - 0.7 MPa (0 - 99 psi) adjustable (2 gallon air compressor is required, but not included . Sealing Temperature 50 - 250 °C adjustable with controlling accuracy +/-2 °C Sealing Blade Type Soft sealing blade (blade with rubber, good for Al case sealing and case with tab in between) Air Consumption Speed ≥500 times per hour Heating Timer 0 - 99 Seconds Adjustable Certification CE  Notes Suggested Sealing Parameter: Upper Heating Blade Temperature: 180°C Lower Heating Blade Temperature: 180°C Pressure: 40 psi Duration: 3 seconds

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TMAXCN TMAX-TCH-DPA Semi-Auto Battery Electrode Stacking Machine For Pouch Cell Electrodes.

  • Consistent tension controls for separator film delivery
  • "Z" fashion stacking with a separation via a foot-switch
  • Manual slidable fixtures enable accurate positioning and compactness of electrodes
  • Unreeling rotors for separator film feeding adjusting fixture position
  • Can accept various size of electrode

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3 In 1 Hot Compact Top and Side & Vacuum & Standing Sealer Sealing Machine For Pouch Cell Assembly



TMAX-TF200 is a  3-in-1 compact hot sealer.

  • the preliminary sealing top and side of the pouch cell before electrolyte injection.
  • the vacuum sealing for the pouch case after injection of electrolyte in the glove box.
  • the vacuum standing for the electrolyte diffusion and degassing

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