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Suss Micro Tec

Used Suss Micro Tec PM8

Inventory Number: 64053
Now (USD): $21,000.00

Suss Micro Tec PM8 200mm Precision Manual Analytical Prober. Manual submicron semiconductor wafer probe station for failure analysis and in process testing. Prober has the optional high frequency chuck B00-100351 and three PH110 Magnetic base probe manipulators for RF or DC testing. Also included is a SUSS pneumatic vibration isolation table with a granite top for rigidity and temperature stability. The PM8 provides stability and resolution required for precise probe positioning. The Fine-Glide chuck stage is as fast as a motorized stage, but has the simplicity and resolution of a manual system.  Along with an 8" X-Y motion, the chuck Z axis also has a 10mm load stroke. The platen has enough area and heavy mass to provide extreme rigidity and accessibility to the probeheads. Platen Z travel has 45mm of linear motion with 400 micron contact separation stroke. The stereozoom microscope lifts manually or pneumatically with a minimum of three inches clearance.

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