Used Samco PC-1100

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Samco PC-1100 is a parallel-plate plasma cleaning system designed for surface cleaning of products such as plastic microelectronic packages, liquid crystal display (LCD) substrates and hybrid ICs. The process chamber enables the user to install multiple sample shelves, and the high degree of flexibility in terms of configuration supports the batch processing of a wide degree of products, from small electronic components to large FPD substrates. The PC-1100 provides 3 different processing modes (RIE mode, Plasma mode and downstreatm mode) which enables the user to select the optimum processing environment for the unique needs of each product type. RF Generator 13.56 MHZ 600 Watts with automatching network. Two MFC controlled gas lines. The interior shelves act as anode and cathodes and the plasma type depends on the configuration youput the shelves into. Very large shelves, ground shelf 405 x 410mm, power shelf 350 x 425mm. Extra shelves with system. Oil free dry vacuum pump. 480V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 20A

System provides three modes of operation: RIE, Plasma and Downstream modes.

Process chamber can be configured with multiple large process shelves

Fully automated processing with touch screen controller, can also be run manually

Recipes can be created and stored using the operator interface

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