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RBD Instruments

Used RBD Instruments UVB-100

Inventory Number: 64296
Now (USD): $1,500.00

RBD Instruments UVB-100 Water Vapor Desorption System. Low-temperature water desorption / oxidative hydrocarbon removal system. Ideal for large O-ring sealed vacuum systems and load locks, the UVB-100 is designed to desorb water vapor and remove oxidative hydrocarbon in high and ultra-high vacuum chambers, the UVB-100 Water Desorption System utilizes UV radiation to desorb layers of water vapor without the intense heat of IR or a radiant bakeout. For surface analysis systems, using a UVB-100 means that you can load samples more quickly and without introducing water vapor into your system. For high vacuum systems, faster pump-down times mean more process runs and higher productivity.

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