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Used PVA TEPLA 660

Inventory Number: 64754
Now (USD): $35,000.00

PVA TEPLA 660 Microwave Plasma Cleaning System. Low-pressure microwave plasma systems for cleaning advanced chip packages prior to die attach, wire bond and encapsulation. The electrode-free energy feeding is the key factor for processing substrates in their original, unslotted magazines. Microwaves of 2.45 GHz are simply applied through a window in the wall of the vacuum chamber producing a largely extended plasma there. Unslotted magazines are processed in a downstream configuration, slotted magazines are more properly placed on a rotating platform. Any size of magazine can be processed. Due to the use of microwaves the plasma systems 400 and 660 provide for fast and damage-free plasma processing. In these plasma systems the plasma cleaning effect is based on chemical reactions of reactive plasma particles (radicals) guided through the substrate carriers. The systems are easy to operate and feature simpliest loading and unloading, manually as well as automatically. System software complies with standards in semiconductor industries. Currently configured with three gas inputs plus purge gas. Chamber size 15" x 15" x 15". System comes with rotary vane vacuum pump.

Product Details


Inventory Number: 64757
Now (USD): $29,500.00

PVA TEPLA ION 100 Plasma Treatment System.

Features Include:

  • Plug and play self installation
  • Flexible electrodes
  • Industrial computer with LCD touch panel and keyboard.
  • Windows based operating system.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) software complies with
  • CFR Title 21 Part 11 and Semi E95-1101
  • Multi-level user access
  • Software
    • Recipe editor for fast and versatile step controls
    • Onboard diagnostic features and alarm logging
    • Remote process monitoring via Ethernet
    • Online web based simulation/training/support
  • Pump power outlet on the chassis
  • Energy saving feature—pump control


  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface activation
  • Surface functionalization
  • Deposition of siloxane and organic thin films

Technical Data

Process Chamber

Material: Aluminum
Dimension: 375 mm W x 762 mm D x 375 mm H
Volume: 107 L (3.78 ft3)
Electrodes: 7 Shelf- each shelf 12.5" x 24.5"
Number of MFCs: 3
Process Pressure: (0.16 to 2.66) mbar
(120 to 2000) mTorr
Base Pressure: 0.07 mbar (50 mTorr)
Pumping Time: 1 min (Pump dependent)
Loading: Manual

Plasma Generator Frequency/power: 13.56 MHz/1000 W

230V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz

Product Details