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Used PVA TEPLA ION 100/40Q wb

Inventory Number: 64568
Now (USD): $25,000.00

PVA TEPLA ION 100/40Q WB Plasma Barrel Asher. Quartz Barrel photoresist asher and plasma surface treatment system. The Photoresist Ashing IoN 100-40Q Plasma System is a barrel plasma reactor designed for high volume production applications.

Features include:

  • Plug and play self installation
  • Industrial computer with LCD touch panel and keyboard. Windows based operating system.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) software complies with CFR Title 21 Part 11 and Semi E95-1101
  • Multi-level of user access
  • Software
    • Recipe editor for fast and versatile step controls
    • Onboard diagnostic features and alarm logging
    • Remote process monitoring via Ethernet
    • Process Chamber

      Material: Quartz chamber
      Dimensions: 304 mm D x 508 mm L (12”X20”)
      Volume: 37 L (1.31 ft3)
      Chamber Opening: 289.56 mm (11.4”)
      Electrodes: Clam-shell
      Number of MFCs: 3
      Process Pressure: (0.16 to 2.66) mbar (120 to 2000) mTorr
      Base Pressure: 0.07 mbar (50 mTorr)
      Pumping Time: 1 min (Pump dependent)
      Wafer Sizes: Up to 200 mm (8”) Batch size (Boat):
      25 wafers of diameter 200 mm (8”)
      50 wafers of diameter 150 mm (6”)
      Wafer Loading: Manual
      Plasma Source Frequency/power: 13.56 MHz/600 W

    • 230V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz, 10A, CE

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