Used MKS ENI Elite 600

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MKS ENI Elite 600 13.56Mhz 600 Watt RF Generator. he elite™ 600HD-01 RF Plasma Generator provides 600 Watts of power at 13.56 MHz in an air-cooled half rack housing with DeviceNet, 25-pin analog and RS232 interfaces. elite™ RF plasma generators provide state-of-the art technology in a compact air-cooled package. Each elite™ RF Power Supply is designed with high speed closed loop control, a class E RF deck and a switching modulator for superior output performance. Its design utilizes a single printed circuit board assembly for the full rack product virtually eliminating all internal wires and connectors and thereby providing the highest reliability available. elite RF Plasma Generators may be used as source or bias generators for continuous operation or as stand-alone batch tools, and is ideally suited for Solar, LED, MEMs and semiconductor applications. 120V, 50/60Hz, 12A

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