Used Mbraun Glovebox Custom

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MBraun Eight Port Glove Box Workstation with Moisture and Oxygen Analyzers. Ready to operate high quality glovebox system. This workstation features a large main antechamber 15" diameter and a smaller 6" diameter antechamber. Siemens Display and programmable logic controller (PLC) controls all glovebox functions. Other standard features include an automatic regenerable oxygen and moisture single column inert gas purification system that purifies the glovebox atmosphere to levels of less than 1 ppm oxygen and moisture, model MB-20G-II. Lights in each of the three chambers. Extra doors on back of chambers for access when chamber is vented or for addition of other chambers.

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Used Mbraun Labstar PRO

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MBraun Labstar Pro Glovebox for Controlled Atmosphere with Oxygen Sensor. Labstar Pro Glovebox (1250/780) with gas purification.             DATE OF MFG 2016
for the work under controlled atmosphere with
• modular extension box system MB-MOD, 1 user workstation;
• antechamber installed on right side
• Internal workspace dimensions:
1250 mm (W) x 780 mm (D) x 900 mm (H)
• Gas purifier: fully automatic 1-filter column gas circulation system for cleaning inert gas and to absorb O2 and H2O;
• Working gas: the system can be operated with Nitrogen (N2), Argon (Ar) or Helium (He)
For gloveboxes up to 2m³ volume filter capacity: 20 l O2 (Oxygen) and 900 g H2O (Moisture)*
• Circulation blower: up to 22 m³/h*, frequency controlled; vibration dampened, without heat load generation
• Filter column valves: electro-pneum. main valves
• Filter column regeneration: automatic sequencing
• Control unit: PLC – M.Braun with 7" color touch panel
• Automatic box pressure control in adjustable range between -15 to +15 mbar (box can be operated at over- or under pressure)
• Additional foot switch to change box pressure during operation;
1 pc. Glovebox compact system; Stainless steel 1.4301 (SUS304) inside brushed, outside RAL 9003;
Leakrate <0.05Vol%/h (Class 1 according ISO 10648-2
Screwed side panels;
– 1 pc. stand, height 1000 mm; incl. castors and machine feet (height adjustable)
– 1 pc. Circulation pipework stainless steel
– 1 pc. front window: declined front side for ergonomically operation;
Material Polycarbonate with hard coating (resistant to many chemicals and scratches)
– 2 pc. Gloveport feedthroughs, diameter 220 mm
incl. gloves (Butyl, 0.4mm, size L)
– 1 pc. Lighting (frontside)
– 1 pc. Main antechamber, d=390 mm, l=600 mm; manual
operated doors, incl. sliding tray inside; right side wall
– manual Evacuation/Refill with ball valve
– 1 pc. Gas purifier (1-Filter)
– 1 pc. Rotary vane pump with a rated pumping speed of up to 8.9 m3/h; incl. oil mist filter and oil return kit
– 3 pcs. Height adjustable shelves
– 1 pc. Electrical feedthrough 115V, 1 ph
– 4 pcs. Flanges DN40 for installation of

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