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Kurt J. Lesker


Inventory Number: 63922
Now (USD): $1,750.00

Kurt J Lesker MAPS LTE Low Temperature Thermal Evaporations Sources. Two MAPS LTE power supplies each with a low temperature Evaporation source. Includes shutter assembly. No cables. 5 Sets Available.

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Used Kurt J. Lesker LXLT-42010

Inventory Number: 63924
Now (USD): $950.00

Kurt J Lesker LXLT-42010 Low Temperature Evaporation Source. LTE power supply and Thermal Evaporation Source. No cables.


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Used Kurt J. Lesker Axxis

Inventory Number: 64232
Now (USD): $59,000.00

Research Grade EBeam Evaporator. Computer controlled E Beam Evaporator with Plasma Glow Discharge for substrate cleaning prior to deposition. Stainless Steel chamber 18" diameter by 18"Deep with extra conflat ports for additional items. Four Pocket Telemark Egun with manual rotation control. Egun is mounted in a 12" deep well at the bottom of the chamber. Quartz crystal deposition rate monitor. Single rotating specimen holder with substrate heaters. Turbo pumped chamber with roughing pump. 208V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 60A

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Used Kurt J. Lesker PVD-75

Inventory Number: 64389
Now (USD): $49,000.00

Kurt J. Lesker PVD 75 Thin Film Deposition Tool Two Target RF Sputtering System. R&D laboratory tool with RF sputtering. Easy to use graphical user interface. Two 1.75-inch RF magnetron cathodes with variable gap and angle. RF300M RF power supply. Two gas inputs controlled by needle valves. 6.75" round substrate chuck with LN2 cooling option. Crystal deposition rate monitor.  Turbo pump and roughing pump. Unit does not have a gate valve between chamber and turbo.

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