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JDS Uniphase

Used JDS Uniphase SWS16102

Inventory Number: 64438
Now (USD): $1,250.00

JDS Uniphase SWS16102 L Band Source Optics 4 outputs.

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Used JDS Uniphase SWS15102

Inventory Number: 64439
Now (USD): $750.00

JDS Uniphase SWS15102 C Band Source Optics Controller. No output module.

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Used JDS Uniphase SWS15101

Inventory Number: 64447
Now (USD): $4,500.00

JDS Uniphase SWS15101 OPT P6,M Tunable Laser Source. JDSU Nettest Photonetics SWS15101 / 3642HE15 Photonetics Tunics-PRI Tunable Laser Source, 1550nm. Options P6 and M.


  • Tuning Range: 1520-1600nm
  • Max Output Power: 1.5mW
  • NetTest Tunics Platform Design
  • Optical Interface: FC/APC

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Used JDS Uniphase SWS20002-A-N1

Inventory Number: 64673
Now (USD): $1,250.00

JDS Uniphase SWS2002-A-N1 Source Optics Module.

  • Reduces Production Test Cost
  • ± 0.002 nm Absolute Wavelength Accuracy
  • High Speed Scanning
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Up to 128 Detector Channels for Device Characterization

The JDS Uniphase SWS2000 Series Swept Wavelength System is a fast, accurate and flexible test solution for characterizing the wavelength dependence of passive optical components. The SWS system consists of: a tunable laser source, a source optics module, a receiver chassis, a control module, and one or more detector modules and application software.

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