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Headway Research

Used Headway Research PWM32-PS-R790

Inventory Number: 64416
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Headway Research PWM32-PS-R790 Photoresist Spinner.

Up to 10,000 rpm, for relatively light loads such as silicon wafers, small photomasks, etc.

R790 Bowl: 7.9-inch I.D., reduced by a removable splash deflector to a maximum recommended substrate dimension of 5 inches.

115V, 50/60Hz.

Product Details

Used Headway Research PWM32

Inventory Number: 64795
Now (USD): $495.00

Headway Research PWM32 Spinner Motor Controller.

  • PWM32 Microprocessor Sequence Controller
    • Up to 9 steps in one recipe
    • Memory for up to 10 user-designed recipes
    • User-set in each step: rpm, ramp (accel/decel), time, various I/O for accessory control (dispensers, exhaust control, lid/doors, etc.
    • Speed can be manually adjusted while a recipe is running
    • Operator can manually turn on the vacuum to the chuck, overriding AUTO control
    • LCD interface for user input prompting and process display
    • RS485 port for future communication and add-on equipment use

Product Details