Used Gatan 601

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Gatan 601 Precision Ultrasonic cutting system for sample preparation. A tunable frequency driver delivers the ultimate in cutting performance regardless of cutting tool size or shape. Stereo microscope with viewing lamp. x-y positioning table. Slurry retaining ring. 115V, 60Hz

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Used Gatan 691

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Gatan 691 Precision Ion Polishing System. Designed to produce high quality TEM specimens. Full manual control making it reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. High milling rates at shallow angles. Fast and simple specimen exchange. 110V, 60 Hz. SMALL DENT ON BOTTOM CORNER OF UNIT FROM SHIPPING.

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Used Gatan 656

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Gatan 656 Dimple Grinder. Precision instrument used to produce circular dimples in materials such as ceramics, semiconductors, metals and others. Accurate depth/thickness control. Micro positioning. Fast TEM specimen preparation. 115V, 50/60 Hz, 5A

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