Used Emitech K550X

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Emitech K550X Sputter Coater SEM Sample Sputtering System. The Emitech K550X Sputter Coater system employs a magnetron target assembly to enhance the efficiency of processes using low voltages and producing a fine grain cool sputtering without the need to cool the target specimen stage. The specimen stage is suitable for a range of specimens and stubs, with pre-selectable parameters and automatic control for repeatable film thickness depositions.

Features of the Emitech K550X Sputter Coater:

  • Deposition Range: 0-50mA
  • Deposition Rate: 0-25nm/min
  • Fully automatic control
  • Low voltage sputtering
  • High resolution fine coating
  • Pre-selectable parameters and automatic control
  • Special rotating stage with full tilt facility
  • Even and repeatable thickness deposition
  • Easy loading and unloading of specimens
  • User-friendly control panel
  • 165mm Diameter chamber
  • Specimen stage – suitable for a range of specimens and stubs


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