Used EG&G 5209

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EG & G 5209 

Single Phase Lock-In Amplifier 

0.5 Hz - 120 kHz

Frequency range: 0.5 Hz to 120 kHz

Voltage sensitivity: 100 nV to 3 V full-scale

Current input mode sensitivities:
10 fA to 300 nA full-scale

10 fA to 3 µA full-scale

Line frequency rejection filter

Fundamental (sine wave) or 
square-wave response modes

Very low phase noise of < 0.005° rms.

3½-digit output readings

Oscillator with variable amplitude 
and frequency

Output time constants from 1 ms to 
3 ks with 6 or 12 dB/octave roll-off

Four external auxiliary ADC inputs

Two external auxiliary DAC outputs

Full range of auto-modes

Standard GPIB (IEEE-488) and 
RS232 interfaces

Two liquid crystal displays (LCD) 
and an analog panel meter for 
control and display of 
instrument outputs

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