Used Ebara 929570

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Ebara 929570 Large vacuum Forline filter. KF50 flanges. Date of Mfg.: 11/2011. Element 929584.


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Used Ebara EMT2400MBWC

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EBARA EMT2400MBWC MAG LEV Turbo Vacuum Pump w/ Controller. Pumping speed 2400 L/S. ISO 250 flange 13 1/8" OD and 10 1/4" ID. Controller model ETC011M. 200/240V, 50/60Hz, 6.5A

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Used Ebara ESA300W

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EBARA ESA300W Dry Vacuum Pump. Pumping Speed 30,000 L/Min. The Model ESA300W dry vacuum pump is utilized in light-gas application where large-volume light-gas pumping is observed such as MOCVD with larger ESA models best suited for fast pump down requirement on large volume chamber or load lock processes in industries such as LCD, photovoltaic manufacturing equipment. 220V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz, 68.7A Water cooled. Sold fully tested in good working condition but not rebuilt.

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