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Denton Vacuum

Used Denton Vacuum DV-502A

Inventory Number: 64395
Now (USD): $11,000.00

Denton Vacuum DV-502A High Vacuum Thermal Evaporator. Deposition System. Small compact laboratory sized thermal resistive deposition system. Manual evaporation control. Manual or automatic pump down valve controls. Diffusion and roughing pump in cabinet. 12” dia. x 12” H quartz bell jar with implosion guard. Single Evaporation source.

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Used Denton Vacuum Infinity 18

Inventory Number: 64580
Now (USD): $59,000.00

Denton Infinity 18 Optical Coating Evaporator for Antireflective Coatings. Cryopumped high vacuum system that performs resistive evaporation of silicon monoxide (SiO, Silicon (II) Oxide) films to provide an antireflective coating for backside analysis. The system has an integrated optical monitor to measure the surface reflectance of a silicon witness coupon at a specific wavelength. Pumpdown of the vacuum system can be automatic or manual control, inniation and termination of the deposition cycle are manual. The vacuum, coating power, and optical monitor systems are operated from the touch screen controller panel. The deposition itself is operated from the Telemark 860 Depostion Controller panel. Chamber size 18" x 23" x 36" inside. Includes roughing pump and cryopump compressor. 208V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz, 70A

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Used Denton Vacuum DV-401/ ROD

Inventory Number: 64599
Now (USD): $3,500.00

Denton Vacuum Carbon Coater. Table top self contained unit for coating samples with carbon. Six inch chamber with carbon rod evaporation source and stationary sample holder. Built in vacuum pump and gauges. 110V, 50/60Hz

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Used Denton Vacuum DV502A

Inventory Number: 64642
Now (USD): $21,000.00

Denton Vacuum DV-502A Compact Laboratory Style E Beam Deposition System. High vacuum electron beam evaporation system. Crystal film thickness monitor. Turbo pump with roughing pump. Stainless Steel U shaped Depostion Chamber: 14”W x 14”D x 18"H. 6-inch diameter substrate holder with rotation control. Minigun four 4cc crucible e-gun with manual rotation. Power 2 kVA. All valve controls are manually operated.

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