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Denton Vacuum

Used Denton Vacuum Carbon deposition accessory

Inventory Number: 63993
Now (USD): $695.00

DENTON VACUUM CARBON COATING SEM SAMPLE ACCESSORY. This is an accessory that allows the coating of sem samples with a conductive layer of carbon. This unit is for use with one of the Denton sputter coaters which have the built in vaccum systems. This was used on the DESK II sample coater. 115V

Product Details

Used Denton Vacuum DV 602

Inventory Number: 63956
Now (USD): $19,500.00

Denton Vacuum DV-602 Single target RF Sputtering System.

Single 4" diameter RF magnetron sputtering cathode.

Rotating specimen holder with variable speed control.

Turbo pump and mechanical roughing pump with automatic or manual pump down controls.

500 Watt 13.56 MHZ RF generator with auto matching network.

Product Details