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Cambridge Nanotech

Used Cambridge Nanotech Savannah S200

Inventory Number: 64187
Now (USD): $65,000.00

CAMBRIDGE NANOTECH SAVANNAH S200 ALD ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION SYSTEM. Savannah is equipped with high-speed pneumatic pulse valves to enable our unique Exposure Mode for thin film deposition on Ultra High Aspect Ratio substrates. This proven precision thin film coating methodology can be used to deposit conformal, uniform films on substrates with aspect ratios of greater than > 2000:1. capable of holding substrates of different sizes (up to 200mm). Can be equipped with up to six precursor lines for deposition. Includes Ozone generator and vacuum pump. Previous gases used: Ozone, Trimethylaluminum, Diethylzinc, and Ammonia, Anhydrous. System power requirements 115V, 50/60Hz, 20A, CE

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