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BYK Gardner

Used BYK Gardner HAZE-GLOSS 4601

Inventory Number: 64281
Now (USD): $9,500.00

BYK Gardner HAZE-GLOSS 4601 Gloss Meter.


  • 20, 60 and 85°: from high to low gloss - always the specified angle available
  • Reflection haze measurement for high gloss finishes
  • For any material: paint, plastic or even mirror-like metals
  • Reference beam, closed optics and self diagnosis ensure accurate quality control
  • Long-term calibration and menu guided operation - simple and secure
  • Foot switch and automatic measurement for fast sampling
  • Illuminated target facilitates sample positioning
  • Statistics with average, min/max and standard deviation

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Used BYK Gardner Haze-Gard Plus 4725

Inventory Number: 64322
Now (USD): $7,950.00

BYK Gardner 4725 Haze-Gard Plus Haze Transparency Testing Machine. The Haze-Gard Plus quantifies the visual perception with objective measurement data. All essential criteria for transparency can be measured with one instrument. Total transmittance, transmission haze and see through quality. Reference beam, self diagnosis and enclosed optics guarantee accurate readings. Built in statistics with average, standard deviation, coefficient of variance, and min/max. Open area for small and large specimens. 115/230V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz

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Used BYK Gardner Micro-Gloss 20

Inventory Number: 64321
Now (USD): $1,950.00

BYK Gardner Micro-Gloss 20° Gloss Meter for High Gloss.

  • Single angle 20°, especially for high gloss surfaces
  • For any material: paint, plastic or even metals
  • Measuring area 10 x 10 mm
    • Intelligent gloss measurement with smart communication
    • Excellent repeatability and inter-instrument agreement guaranteed
    • Intelligent auto diagnosis guarantees always accurate readings
    • Brilliant color display easy to read - easy to use
    • Statistics, Pass/Fail and Memory - ideal for QC and checks in the field
    • Continuous mode to check uniformity over large areas
    • smart-chart software: instant QC reports with trend graph and Pass/Fail limits

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Used BYK Gardner Spectro-Guide 45/0 Gloss

Inventory Number: 64336
Now (USD): $5,950.00

BYK Gardner Spectro-Guide 45/0 Gloss Color and Gloss Spectrophotometer.

  • Color control as you see it with 45/0 geometry
  • 60° gloss measurement
    • Color and 60° gloss measurement in one
    • Easy to use with designated sample and standard button
    • Innovative LED technology ensures:
      • Long-term and temperature stable results
      • Stable calibration - needed only every three month
      • Low maintenance
    • Data transfer to easy-link for simple documentation in EXCEL

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