Used Buehler Vanguard 2000

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Buehler Vanguard® 2000 Fully Automatic Grinding-Polishing System. Fully automated means that samples can be prepared from start to finish without continuous operator involvement. Just load up to six samples at a time, select the preparation method, and step away. In as little as 15 to 20 minutes your samples will be finished; cleaned, dried, and ready for analysis. The Buehler Vanguard 2000’s microprocessor based system allows the user to select from six preinstalled methods or up to 44 individually created preparation methods.  After the method is started, the robotic arm automatically loads one of six selected platens onto the grinding-polishing base. Next, the automatic head places the samples on the platen while providing single or central load application. A fully integrated dispensing system automatically doses abrasive suspensions onto the  grinding/polishing surface.

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