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Used Brookfield DV2THBCJO

Inventory Number: 63849
Now (USD): $5,000.00

Cone Plate Viscometer with Temperature Bath and Rheocalct computer software. Features a 5-inch color display to guide users through test creation and data gathering for fast and easy viscosity measurements. The DV2T also offers powerful new programming capabilities and results analysis including data averaging and QC limits with alarms. Each of our standard Laboratory Viscometers/ Rheometers are supplied with an internal spring used to calculate the viscosity of a material. These springs have different measuring capabilities: HB is for even higher viscosity materials than those measured with an HA torque spring. Viscosity Range cP Min. 800 max. 320M RPM .1- 200. Displayed info includes: viscosity (cP/mP·s), temperature (°C/°F), shear rate/stress, % torque, spindle/speed, step program status. Built-In options include timed tests, data averaging, programmable QC limits/alarms, customizable speed/spindle lists, on screen data comparison. Auto range shows maximum viscosity measured with any spindle/speed combination. Auto range shows maximum viscosity measured with any spindle/speed combination. Accuracy of ±1.0% of range with displayed test data. Repeatability of ±0.2%. Includes Brookfield TC-650SD Programmable bath. Temperature range of -20 to +107 degrees C. Brookfield DV2T Viscometer.

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