Used Branson SW-200

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Branson SW-200 Spin Welder. The Branson SW200 is a precision servo-driven spin welding system capable of welding circular parts with accurate control. It is easy to set up and operate. The SW200 is designed for use in manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated environments. A free-standing operator interface allows for the following adjustments: revolutions per minute (RPM), revolutions per cycle (RPC), and hold time (HT). Adjustable RPC (revolutions per weldcycle). This provides for consistent weld results. Rapid deceleration provides high-strength bonds. Adjustable hold time. Adjustable height (18"/457 mm) andstroke (up to 3.5"/89 mm) provide ease of setup. 208V, 1Ph, 60Hz, 20A

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Used Branson B950R

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Branson Ultrasonics B950R Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser. Branson B950R Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser is the latest in a series of environmentally sound, cost effective precision degreasers. The B-Series is designed to comply with EPA environmental regulations on solvent emissions, an important environmental and economic consideration.


  • Freeboard ratio of greater than 124% to eliminate diffusion losses
  • Refrigerated primary condensing coil to condense the bulk of the solvent vapors
  • Refrigerated sub-zero freeboard condenser to provide a cold air barrier minimizing fugitive losses
  • Sliding cover to eliminate drafts and help seal the unit during periods of inactivity.
  • Offset boiling sump with liquid level control
  • Bag filter to minimize solvent loss during maintenance
  • Cooled internal water separator to reduce losses
  • Stainless plumbing for solvent-wetted areas
  • Includes optional Automated hoist system with automated lid.
  • 40 Khz Ultrasonics


 Solvent capacity 26 gallons
Working dimensions 12" x 16" x 12"D
Watts of Immersion Heat 4000 watts
Distillation rate 14 gph
Load capacity 400lbs.steel/hr
Vapor zone 32.7"L X 19.2"W X 12"D
Input power 208V 3 phase 40A

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