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Allied High Tech

Used Allied High Tech Tech Cut

Inventory Number: 64324
Now (USD): $4,950.00

ALLIED HIGH TECH TECH CUT. Variable Speed Sectioning Saw for Precision Sample Preparation.Variable Blade Speed: 100 to 4000 rpm. Dual Cutting Modes: Constant sample advancement or preset sample load. Automatic sample advancement adjustable rate from 0.15” per min. to 1.50” per min. Auto table retraction after sectioning. 115V, 60 Hz, 3.5A

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Used Allied High Tech Techprep Multiprep

Inventory Number: 64459
Now (USD): $5,250.00

Allied High Tech Techprep Semiautomatic Sample Polisher with Multiprep Oscillating Head. Platen rotation speeds from 5 to 350 rpm in either clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Program speed, timer, oscillation and rotation settings.  Platen: 8” dia. 115V, 50/60 Hz, 3.3A

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