Used Agilent B1500A

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Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer with Four B1511B Medium Power SMU Modules. The Keysight B1500A (Agilent) Semiconductor Device Analyzer is a modular instrument with a ten-slot configuration that supports both IV and CV measurements and also fast high-voltage pulsing. Its familiar, Microsoft Windows® user interface supports Agilent’s EasyEXPERT software, which provides a new, more intuitive task-oriented approach
to device characterization. Because of its extremely low-current, low-voltage, and integrated capacitance measurement capabilities, the Keysight B1500A (Agilent) can be used for a wide range of semiconductor device characterization needs (IC-CAP supports the B1500A). It is also an excellent solution for non-volatile memory cell characterization and high-speed device characterization (including advanced NBTI measurement). Features and benefi ts of the Keysight B1500A (Agilent) include: Superior IV measurement performance: 0.1 fA / 0.5 µV measurement resolution. Measurement
features include single and multi-channel sweep, time sampling, list sweep, quasi-static CV (using the SMUs), direct control and arbitrary linear waveform generation (ALWG) GUI for the HV-SPGUs. CE Marked.

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Used Agilent E4980A 710 030

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Agilent E4980A 710 030 Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 300Khz. The E4980A precision LCR meter provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements. Offering fast measurement speed and outstanding performance at both low and high impedance ranges, the E4980A is the ultimate tool for general R&D and manufacturing test of components and materials. LAN, USB and GPIB PC connectivity enhances your design and test productivity. 115V, 50/60Hz

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Used Agilent 8163B

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Agilent 8163B Lightwave Multimeter W/ 81636B power Sensor and 81619A Interface. The Keysight Technologies 8163B lightwave multimeter is a  basic measurement tool that provides flexible modular configuration and easy control of test solutions. This mainframe is used for optical component test. Provides high resolution color display. Consists of two slots for hosting power modules, return loss modules, compact tunable lasers, or fixed laser sources. Includes built-in applications — return loss, passive component test, stability, and logging. Perform remote control of extended system trigger and clocking system with both LAN and GPIB interface. Includes one 81636B Fast Optical Sensor Module. The Keysight 81636B is built for speed, to support fast swept-wavelength measurements. It combines a short minimum averaging time of 25µs with high dynamic range without autorange delay. Also includes 81619A Interface module. 110V, 50/60Hz, CE

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