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Inventory Number: 56523
Category: Test and Electronics
Manufacturer: Rifocs
Return Loss Test. User friendly solution for insertion loss and return loss measurements. Wavelength: 1550nm. Spectral Width: < 5mn. Measurement Range: 0 to 70 dB. 100-250V, 50/60 Hz. This used Rifocs 586L Return Loss Test will be sold refurbished and fully tested to meet the original manufacturers specifications. Due to the very large inventory Bid Service warehouses at its 150,000 Sq. Ft. facility, we do not begin to refurbish an item until a purchase order has been placed. We recommend you talk to a salesperson to find out what the approximate lead time may be on that item or items. The second hand Rifocs 586L Return Loss Test is owned by us and stored in our Freehold, NJ facility. You are welcome to visit and inspect our used equipment in person. We recommend you call for an appointment first so that we can organize your visit. The used Rifocs 586L Return Loss Test will come with both our 30 day money back policy and our 90 day parts warranty to ensure your full satisfaction with your purchase excluding any shipping charges. If you purchase this tool at a reduced price or any product we have listed in AS IS condition, the 30 day right to return and the 90 day warranty will no longer apply.
Now (USD): $650.00

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Used HP 8567A

Inventory Number: 26604
Now (USD): $950.00

Spectrum Analyzer. Frequency Range:10 kHz - 1.5 GHz. Frequency Span:100 Hz - 1.5 GHz. Amplitude Range: -115 dbm to + 30 dbm. HPIB Programmable. Not Calibrated.

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Used HP 4140B

Inventory Number: 20398
Now (USD): $1,250.00

pA Meter/Voltage Source. Consists of an extremely stable picoampere meter and 2 programmable DC voltage sources, one of which operates as a ramp and staircase generator as well as a DC source. 3 basic semiconductor measurements: I, I-V and quasi-static C-V. Basic accuracy: 0.5 percent. High resolution: 0.001 x 10-12. HP-IB standard.

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Used HP 4141B

Inventory Number: 33104
Now (USD): $3,250.00

DC Source Monitor. High speed measurements down to the pA range. High accuracy and resolution: V: +/-100mV–+/-100V, 0.1 percent; l:+/- 50fA–+/-100mA, 0.3 percent. The 4141B DC Source/Monitor is designed for use as a system component in user-designed semiconductor l-V or DC parametric test systems.

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Used Anritsu MW910A

Inventory Number: 30713
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with MH937A 1.3 mm unit. Features: Small, lightweight, Long-distance measurement with 1-meter resolution, Three-point optical masking, Easy operation, Memory for measurement setup, Built-in thermal printer

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Inventory Number: 17125
Now (USD): $175.00

Power Supply. 32VDC, 10A, 100W. System Supply.

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Used Electronic Measurements HCR10-25-110

Inventory Number: 12129
Now (USD): $350.00

Power Supply. 10VDC, 25A CV/CC/M

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Inventory Number: 22488
Now (USD): $550.00

Power Supply. 10VDC, 40A CV/CC/M.

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Used Electronic Measurements TCR10S90

Inventory Number: 19660
Now (USD): $450.00

Power Supply. 10VDC, 90A, 208VAC input. CV/CC/M

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Inventory Number: 24159
Now (USD): $550.00

Power Supply. 20VDC, 30A, 208VAC input, CV/CC/M.

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Used Sorensen DCR20-25B

Inventory Number: 21192
Now (USD): $395.00

Power Supply. 20VDC, 25A, 187-220VAC input. CV/CC/Metered.

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