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Inventory Number: 63847
Category: Material Test
Manufacturer: Randcastle Extrusion Systems

Randcastle Extrusion Systems RC-025 Benchtop Single Screw Extruder. Microtruder system.

Now (USD): $6,500.00

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Used Atlas UV TEST

Inventory Number: 63973
Now (USD): $8,500.00

ATLAS UV TEST FLUORESCENT UV CONDESATION WEATHERING TESTER. Atlas’ UV Test is an economical instrument for fluorescent UV and condensation weathering test methods. The instrument uses UVA-340, UVB-313, or UVA-351 fluorescent bulbs for a variety of applications. The touch screen provides simple operation and control in several languages. It has patented irradiance ports for safe calibration not offered on competitive fluorescent UV testers. The innovative design is a new, higher standard in terms of features, ease-of-use, accuracy and safety as compared to competitive fluorescent UV devices.

- Proven performance matches or exceeds other brands
- Modern touch screen interface in several languages
- Remote ethernet data acquisition
- Unsurpassed safety compliance
- Plus many other exclusive user-friendly features

120V,50/60 HZ, 12A, CE

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Used Chatillon LTCM-6

Inventory Number: 63987
Now (USD): $1,750.00

Chatillon LTCM-6 Tensile Compression Force Tester. Motorized test stands featuring a large working area capable of handling specimens up to 17” H (432 mm) and 10” dia. (254 mm).  Maximum vertical stroke is 14” (356 mm). The large aluminum base can be removed for direct assembly to your work area or specialized fixture. The stand features a rotary dial for adjusting speed from 0.5 to 15.0”/min.(1.3 to 38.1 cm/min.). Digital Force Gauge DFGS10. 10X .005 LB, 5X.005 Kg, 50 x .05 N.

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Used Q Panel Q-SUN XE-3-S

Inventory Number: 63989
Now (USD): $19,000.00

Q PANEL Q-SUN-XE-3-S XENON WEATHERING SYSTEM. The Q-SUN Xe-3 xenon arc chamber reproduces the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight and rain. In a few days or weeks, the Q-SUN tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors. The Q-SUN Xe-3 tester is a full-featured lightfastness, colorfastness, and photostability chamber at a breakthrough price. It utilizes three separate xenon lamps for a large capacity. The Q-SUN Xe-3 tester’s slide out specimen tray is 451mm x 718mm and is useful for exposing large, three-dimensional parts or components. The Xe-3 tester offers standard humidity control, and optional spray. 208V, 1PH, 50/60HZ, CE

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