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Inventory Number: 61022
Category: Power Supplies - RF-Plasma-E-Gun
Manufacturer: Seren

1000W Variable Frequency RF Generator. The Seren L1001 is a second-generation, 1000 Watt, 100-460 KHz RF generator. This lightweight, air cooled unit is designed to exceed the most stringent vacuum processing demands. Can be used as the sole source for plasma generation, as a Bias generator, or as one of several generators in a multiple generator configuration. Power Output: 1000W. Frequency: 100-460 KHz, 1000 Hz steps. Forward Power Metering: +/- 1 percent full scale, +/- 1 percent reading. 190-250V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 15A, CE.

Now (USD): $3,250.00

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Used Advanced Energy RF/DC Combiner

Inventory Number: 30966
Now (USD): $950.00

Mfg No. 6016-0002A. 2 Channels. Input per channel: MDX 1, PDP P1, Combined output ports per channel controller, MDX User, PDP P1.

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Inventory Number: 34998
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Controller. Links Plasma Generators & Matching Networks to Computers for digital metering and control.

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Used ENI RFC-2000

Inventory Number: 34906
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Controller. Links Plasma Generators & Matching Networks to Computers for digital metering and control.

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Used Miscellaneous Matching Network

Inventory Number: 42688
Now (USD): $450.00

500W 13.56 MHz. Matching network from a Drytek Quad etcher. No controller with unit.

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Used ENI DCG-200Z

Inventory Number: 43991
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Reactive Sputtering Power Supply. For reactive sputtering processes in which arcing is unavoidable, the low level arc energy and high arc sensitivity have important benefits. System output 20 kW. 380/480V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz.

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Used Huttinger TIG 20/300

Inventory Number: 47425
Now (USD): $4,500.00

RF Induction Generator. Output power: 20,000W. Output frequency: 30 to 300 kHz. Output voltage: 440V. 460V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.

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Used Advanced Energy MDX 10K

Inventory Number: 45229
Now (USD): $3,500.00

DC Magnetron Power Supply. Blank front panel, operated via user input/output ports, RS232 or analog control. Maximum power output: 10 kW.

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Used Miscellaneous E-Gun 8 Pocket

Inventory Number: 51089
Now (USD): $1,500.00

8 pockets, 1-1/4 in. dia. at the top. 4-1/2 in. O.D. conflat flange bottom feedthrough. Gear mechanism. Sold As Is.

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Used ENI EGR9600B

Inventory Number: 51643
Now (USD): $2,950.00

Power Generator. Can supply up to 9000W of power over a frequency range of 8 to 111 kHz. 50 ohm output impedance.

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Used Huttinger PFM 1000A

Inventory Number: 51736
Now (USD): $1,500.00

13.56 MHz 1000W Matching Network. Matching network only, no controller.

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