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Inventory Number: 64373
Category: Ovens
Manufacturer: Blue M

Blue M DC-1406-F-PM Large Mechanical Convection Oven. Ideal for industrial oven applications that involve processing materials in a controlled atmosphere environment, as well as dry packaging of electronic components. Blue M DC-1406 industrial ovens perform ASTM testing, epoxy curing, moisture drying, UL testing, aging of electronic components and devices and more. The Blue M DC-1406 meets AST 5243 Type I and Type II oven specifications, achieving the frequent air changes and tight temperature uniformity mandated by AST 5423 standards. A high-volume fan creates a constant horizontal airflow across all sections of the oven, meeting ASTM 5423 Type I and II while tested according to ASTM 5374. Watlow EZ-Zone digital single setpoint controller. Temp-Limit controller. Max. Temp.: 350°C. Inside Dimensions: 48” L x 24” W x 36” H. 240V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 61A

Now (USD): $6,500.00

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Used Blue M DCA-206C

Inventory Number: 51457
Now (USD): $2,950.00

Blue M DCA-206C Inert Gas Oven. Digital single setpoint controller. Overtemp controller. Digital timer. Inert gas input. Max. Temp.: 316 deg C. Inside Dimensions: 20 in. L x 22 in. W x 20 in. H. 208/240V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 17/20A.

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Used Carbolite PF120 (200)

Inventory Number: 57575
Now (USD): $1,750.00

Carbolite PF120 (200) 300 deg C Mechanical Convection Laboratory Oven. Eurotherm digital programmable controller. Max. Temp.: 300 deg C. Inside Dimensions: 19 in. L x 20 in. W x 19 in. H. Inside chamber stainless steel has brown stains, see photos. 220-240V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 8.9A, CE.

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Used Blue M CC-13-I-P-G

Inventory Number: 59777
Now (USD): $6,500.00

Large Horizontal Airflow Mechanical Convection Oven with Inert Gas Purge. Watlow F4 digital programmable controller. Max. Temp.: 350 deg C. Inside Dimensions: 24 in. L x 24 in. W x 38 in. H. Optional water cooling. Needle valve for inert gas purge. Door has extra latches added for tight, strong fit. 480V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 15A.

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Used Blue M CC-05-S-T-G-HP

Inventory Number: 59811
Now (USD): $4,250.00

Blue M CC-05-S-T-G-HP Mechanical Convection Oven. Type J overtemp controller. LFE digital programmable controller. Heater Capacity: 7.2 kW. Max. Temp.: 350 deg C. Inside Dimensions: 25 in. L x 20 in. W x 20 in. H. 480V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 10A.

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Used Carbolite CR/220

Inventory Number: 60185
Now (USD): $3,500.00

Carbolite CR/220 Clean Room Oven. Not Hepa filtered unit. Digital setpoint controller. Overtemp controller. Inert gas input. Max. Temp.: 250 deg C. Inside Dimensions: 24 in. L x 24 in. W x 24 in. H. 200-230V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 16.2A, CE.

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Used Cole Parmer 52000-55

Inventory Number: 60627
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Cole Parmer 52000-55 Laboratory Mechanical Convection Oven. Digital programmable controller. Max. Temp.: 250 deg C. Two ramp/dwell segments. Chamber Dimensions: 21 in. x 16 in. x 16 in. 240V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 7A.

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Used VWR 1670

Inventory Number: 60914
Now (USD): $2,750.00

VWR 1670 High Performance Horizontal Air Flow Oven. Temp. Range: 40 to 260 deg C. Watlow digital controller. LED readout. Chamber Dimensions: 19 in. H x 19 in. W x 20 in. L. 230V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 11.7A.

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Used VWR 1670

Inventory Number: 61713
Now (USD): $2,500.00

VWR 1670 High Performance Horizontal Air Flow Oven. Mechanical convection table top oven. Digital programmable controller. All stainless interior. Inside Dimensions: 20 in. L x 20 in. W x 19 in. H. Max. Temp.: 260 deg C. 220V, 60 Hz, 12.2A.

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Used Blue M DCC-256-E-MP750

Inventory Number: 63012
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Blue M DCC-256-E-MP750 Stainless Steel Clean Room Oven with Inert Gas Input. Digital programmable controller. Overtemp controller. Stainless steel construction. Max. Temp.: 250 deg C. Used Hepa filter. Chamber Dimensions: 21 in. L x 20 in. W x 19.5 in. H. 208V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 27A.

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Used Blue M CC-04-I-P-C

Inventory Number: 63014
Now (USD): $4,250.00

Blue M CC-04-I-P-C Mechanical Convection Clean Room Oven. Digital programmable controller. Temperature limit controller. Max. Temp.: 250 deg C. Chamber Dimensions: 19.5 in. L x 20 in. W x 20 in. H. 240V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 29A.

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