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Inventory Number: 61107
Category: Grinders-Lappers-Polishers
Manufacturer: Buehler

Dimensions: 54 in. L x 31 in. W x 36 in. H.

Now (USD): $495.00

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Inventory Number: 51367
Now (USD): $12,000.00

PC controller with touch screen interface. 2 - Heated Quartz Cascade Tanks: 16 in. L x 8 in. W x 9 in. H. Quick Dump Rinse: 16 in. L x 8 in. W x 8 in. H. Overall Dimensions: 51 in. L x 65 in. W x 80 in. H. 208V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz. Constructed of FM 4910 protocol fire retardant materials.

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Used Heritage Products Wet Bench

Inventory Number: 58276
Now (USD): $7,500.00

Two Baths: 8 in. L x 8 in. W x 8 in. H. One Quick Dump Rinse QDR Bath: 8 in. L x 8 in. W x 8 in. H. Overall Dimensions: 42 in. L x 42 in. W x 74 in. H. 115V, 60 Hz, 15A.

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Used Reynolds Tech Solvent Bench

Inventory Number: 61241
Now (USD): $4,500.00

3 ft. Stainless Steel Solvent Bench. No pumps with system. Two small tanks: 6.5 in. L x 7.75 in. W x 6 in. H.

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Used Reynolds Tech Wet Bench

Inventory Number: 61280
Now (USD): $7,500.00

Wet Process Bench. Three 11 in. x 11 in. x 12 in. baths. One 11 in. x 11 in. x 10 in. bath. One Heated 11 in. x 11 in. x 6 in. bath.

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Used Axic Benchmark 800 ICP

Inventory Number: 61743
Now (USD): $49,000.00

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System PECVD. Tool used in research, process development or low volume production for precise etching and deposition on substrates up to 8-inches in diameter. The system can be operated in either a batch or single slice mode. Features single-piece chamber construction, proven process recipes, field proven components, computer control with Windows programming. Previous gases used N2, SF6, He, SiH4, NH3, N2O. Dual Advanced Energy Dressler Cesar RF generators.

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Used Tokyo Seimitsu S-LM-116G

Inventory Number: 47251
Now (USD): $19,500.00

Vertical Slicing Machine with ID Diamond Blade. Electronically controlled slicing machine produces quality wafers by precisely cutting an ingot of brittle materials with an ID diamond blade. Blade size OD: 422 mm, ID: 152 mm. Acceptable Ingot Size: Max. 100 mm x 350 mm L. Includes oil mist separator. 220V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.

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Used Buehler Fibrmet

Inventory Number: 52619
Now (USD): $950.00

Portable Optical Fiber Polisher. Quick and accurate means for polishing optical fiber ends to maximize light transmission. No travel cover with unit. 115V, 60 Hz.

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Used Seiko Instruments OFL-11

Inventory Number: 53094
Now (USD): $2,500.00

Triple Platen Fiber Optic Polisher. 3 station optical fiber polisher. 100V, 50/60 Hz.

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Used Struers 240 mm Plates

Inventory Number: 49183
Now (USD): $100.00

Polishing Wheels. Tag 1: Sold Out.  Tag 2: Metallic. $100 each. 

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Used Logitech VS2

Inventory Number: 53597
Now (USD): $2,950.00

Vacuum System with Water Trap. Vacuum pump and water separator for Logitech polishers. Two port system. 115V, 50/60 Hz.

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