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Inventory Number: 62325
Category: Bonders - Welders
Manufacturer: Royce

Universal Bond Tester. The Royce 650 Universal Bond Tester offers the most robust selection of capabilities in the Royce bond tester family, from the full range of standard test applications through custom testing. This high-end instrument is versatile and powerful enough to meet your complete bond testing needs. The Royce 650 features a wide range of applications. One-button microscope height adjustment. Large stage travel. With an X-axis travel over 300 mm and a Y-axis travel over 150 mm of the servo driven XY stage, the Royce 650 easily accommodates up to 300 mm wafers and substrates, lead frames and large electronic modules. Interchangeable test modules and tooling. Most test modules and tooling are quickly interchangeable between the Royce 650 and Royce 620. All test modules have four software selectable subranges down to 1/10 of full scale to maximize the versatility of the instrument. Space saving, easy to access integrated PC. Ultrafine Pitch. The high-accuracy shear height and sub-micron resolution of the XY stage deliver solid positioning repeatability for ultrafine pitch testing. Unit comes with one load cell, $2,500 each for additional load cells. Load Cells available: Die Shear SMS-20K-21860, ranges 20 Kg, 10 Kg, 5 Kg, 2 Kg. Tweezer Pull SMG-1K-21854, ranges 1 Kg, 500 g, 200 g, 100 g.

Now (USD): $19,500.00

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Used Labconco Protector 50650-00

Inventory Number: 62569
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Protector Combination Glove Box. Multi-Hazard glove box. Provides enclosure for handling both hazardous substances and atmospheric sensitive materials. Hepa filter, fiberglass liner, steel frame. Enclosure Opening: 13 in. H x 11 in. W. 115V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 15A.

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Used HP 83650L

Inventory Number: 62944
Now (USD): $14,950.00

50 GHz Synthesized Swept CW Generator with Opt. 001, 008. Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 50 GHz. Includes option 001 and 008. Option 001: Adds step attentuator. Minimal set table output power -110 dBM. Maximum is reduced by 1.5 dB to 20 GHz, 2 dB above 20 GHz and 2.5 dB above 40 GHz. Option 008: 1 Hz frequency resolution. CE marked.

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Used Avio PHU-10

Inventory Number: 52634
Now (USD): $950.00

Pulse Heating Power Supply with NT-5A Transformer.

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Used Semiconductor Equipment Corp. 410

Inventory Number: 52745
Now (USD): $29,000.00

Flip Chip Die Bonder. Aligns and attaches flip chip die onto various substrates. Versatile processing capabilities allow for tacking die in place for subsequent reflow or for complete attachment on the heated work stage. Comes with only one die tray holder. Motorized Stage Travel: 6 in. Computer controlled 350 deg C heated stage. Cube beam splitter alignment. Die Size: 0.010 to 1.000 in. sq.

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Used Laurier SA-202

Inventory Number: 53582
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Epoxy Die Bonder with Rotary Collet Die Pick Up option. A production work station for mounting single or multiple dice on a diversity of substrates and packages. Performs the functions of die pick-up, epoxy dispensing and die location.

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Used Laurier SA-202

Inventory Number: 53779
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Epoxy Die Bonder. Provides fast, highly accurate chip placement and bonding. Counter balanced and adjustable die pick-up arm. Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom microscope.

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Used Laurier CP-222-S

Inventory Number: 54495
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Chip Placement System for use with Pre-Screened Adhesives. Simple vacuum pick up tool for die pick and place. StereoZoom microscope.

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Used MRSI 505

Inventory Number: 55954
Now (USD): $59,000.00

Assembly Work Cell. Ultra-precise, high speed, vision guided, flexible, inline. Large work surface accommodates most input and output options. Pick and place. Inspection station with bottom mounted camera, looks like flip chip? Call for additional photos.

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Used ESEC 3018 AWB

Inventory Number: 46614
Now (USD): $4,500.00

Automated Gold Ball Bonder. Flying bondhead operates by means of a frictionless air bearing. System has programmable focus option. E-Stop and Venturi vacuum. 2 in. x 2-1/2 in. work table travel. Programmable X-Y-Z indexer. Currently 80 micron machine. Sold As Is, spare parts machine.

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Used Laurier CP-222

Inventory Number: 49910
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Chip Placement System for use with Pre-Screened Adhesives. Ideal for LED’s and multiple chip placement on hybrids where epoxies or gold pastes are prescreened on the substrate.

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