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Inventory Number: 62849
Category: Probers
Manufacturer: Micromanipulator

Vacuum Base Probe Manipulator. Vacuum base. XYZ travel. 2 Available

Now (USD): $395.00

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Used Manix TSC-1210

Inventory Number: 43089
Now (USD): $1,000.00

Triple Stage Convection Reflow Soldering System. Windows based graphical user interface. Fully closed loop PID temperature control for +/-1C zone temperature precision. Total heated length: 123 in. Preheat: 52 in. Main Heat: 52 in. Number of controlled zones: 12. Number of vertical zones: 6. Max. Temp.: 350 deg. C. Max. PCB Size: 24 x 22 in. with 2.75 in. clearance. Overall Size: 191 in. L x 48 in. W. 480V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz.  Sold As Is.

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Used Mosaid M22100

Inventory Number: 44498
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Memory Tester.

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Used Ion Systems 91-0210

Inventory Number: 51687
Now (USD): $650.00

Charged Plate Monitor. Measures ionizer balance and discharge according to ANSI EOS/ESD S3.1-1991 requirements. User selectable charging and stop levels. 120V, 50/60 Hz, 2A.

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Used Photon Dynamics SV-2100

Inventory Number: 52441
Now (USD): $950.00

In-Line Inspection Station. Automated optical inspection for circuit boards. 120V, 60 Hz. Sold As Is untested.

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Used RF Power Products 7621020040

Inventory Number: 57209
Now (USD): $2,950.00

5000W 13.56 MHz RF Impedance Matching Network with Controller. Manual or automatic tuning. Max. Power: 5000W. Frequency: 13.56 MHz. No source or load cables, AC plug only.  2 Available.

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Used PVA Tepla PS-210

Inventory Number: 60348
Now (USD): $27,500.00

Microwave Plasma Surface Treatment Etch System. The Microwave Plasma System 210 is ideal for: Plasma surface modification. Plasma cleaning of organic surfaces. Bond strength enhancement. Plasma etch applications. Plasma asher applications. Increased or decreased wettability. Any other plasma system application. Controller: Windows® O/S based touchscreen interface offering fully automatic control. Multi-step recipes, real time graphic display, multi-level password access, data logging, and real time SPC monitoring of all plasma parameters is provided. Microwave Power. Display: Color 10.4-inch touch screen for control and monitoring of process parameters, automatic recipes, or manual plasma treatments. Quartz Chamber: 9.5 in. dia. x 9 in. Four process gas inputs.  Previous Gases Used: O2, CF4, N2, AR. Includes vacuum pump. 230V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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Used Buehler Metlap 40-5210

Inventory Number: 61808
Now (USD): $300.00

12-inch Grinding Plate for Lapper Polisher. Made for Ecomet IV. New in Box.

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Used Cascade Microtech DCM 210

Inventory Number: 62692
Now (USD): $1,500.00

Vacuum Base Precision Probe Micropositioner with Picoprobe Power Supply. Features .5 in. X,Y and Z axis adjustment range. Vacuum base. Includes power supply.

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Used Cascade Microtech DCM 210

Inventory Number: 62693
Now (USD): $1,750.00

Vacuum Base Precision Probe Micropositioner. The DCM series probe micropositioner, optimized for all DC/CV applications, accepts a variety of Cascade Microtech DC probes. Its small profile enables you to position multiple positioners at any angle to the DUT.

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Used Wentworth 034-4002

Inventory Number: 48801
Now (USD): $450.00

Probe Contact Box.

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