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Inventory Number: 63995
Category: Photoresist: Coaters - Tracks
Manufacturer: CEE Brewer Science
CEE BREWER SCIENCE 100GX LARGE SUBSTRATE PHOTORESIST SPINNER. Large substrate spinner with a bowl inside diameter of 24" and a 11" diameter vacuum substrate chuck. LCD spinner controller PID microprocessor controlled to a maximum speed of 3000 RPM with an acceleration of 10000 RPM. Older unit but fully tested in good working condition. 120V, 60Hz, Utilities: Vacuum: 25" Hg, Nitrogen 60 PSI Minimum, Drain 3/4" OD, Spinner Exhaust 1.5" OD.

Now (USD): $7,950.00

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Used Bidtech Bidtech SP100 Replacement motor

Inventory Number: 63959
Now (USD): $350.00

Bidtech SP100 Photoresist Spinner Replacement Motor. Manufactured by Microbit Technology.

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Used Integrated Solutions OPTITRAC

Inventory Number: 64397
Now (USD): $10,000.00

Integrated Solutions OPTITRAC 6" Photoresist Developer Track. Developer track is currently configured for 6" wafers. System configured with two elevators, 2 standard bake stations, 2 vented bake stations and one developer spinner station. System came out of a running facility. We are selling this as is with a 30 day right to return.

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Used Headway Research PWM32-R790

Inventory Number: 64416
Now (USD): $4,500.00

Headway Research PWM32-R790 Photoresist Spinner. Up to 10,000 rpm, for relatively light loads such as silicon wafers, small photomasks, etc. R790 Bowl: 7.9-inch I.D., reduced by a removable splash deflector to a maximum recommended substrate dimension of 5 inches. 115V, 50/60Hz

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