Used Ando AQ6140

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Ando AQ6140 Multi-Wavelength Meter. Ideal for wavelength analysis in D-WDM systems. Highly accurate wavelength measurement, realizes high accuracy measurement of +/-0.003 nm. Capable of measurement of up to 256 channels. Large LCD color display. Wavelength Range: 1270 to 1650 nm. Max. Input Level: 10 dB.

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Used Ando AQ8203

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Ando AQ8203 Optical Test and Measurement System with AQ8201-21, 22, 110 Modules. For WDM device evaluation and maintenance. Halfsize Frame. AQ8201-21 OPM module optical power meter. AQ8201-22 Dual OPM module optical power meter. AQ8201-110 WDM DFB-LD module light source.

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Used Ando AQ6331

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Ando AQ6331 Optical Spectrum Analyzer. Portable OSA optical spectrum analyzer. Excellent wavelength resolution, accuracy and dynamic range. CE marked. Powers up with no errors. That is all the testing we can do.

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