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Used Bruker D8

Inventory Number: 59087
Now (USD): $85,000.00

X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD). The Bruker D8 X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) was purchased in 2001, is in very good condition and is supported with a factory service contract, through June 30, 2014. The instrument operates on 208V, single phase. This is a research-grade instrument that can be used for many different types of studies. The system is equipped with two different tube housings. One utilizes a chromium x-ray tube and this configuration is normally used for residual stress and texture determinations. The second tube housing is configured with a copper x-ray tube and Goebel mirrors, this configuration is normally used for structure determination and compositional studies. The instrument includes the following: Area detector (GADDS). Goebel mirror’s (cross coupled). Huber 1/4 cradle for precise positioning of the specimen surface (in 3-dimensions). A scintillation detector. A wide variety of beam collimators (from 0.8mm down to 0.05mm). 

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Used Bruker SMART X2S

Inventory Number: 59128
Now (USD): $75,000.00

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer. Automated benchtop system. X-Ray Source: 50W microfocus with doubly curved crystal for wavelength monochromatization. With high voltage generator. Charge-coupled device area detector for single crystal frame data collection and imaging. Graphical user interface. Goniometer with 2-Axis stage. Purchased in 2009. Still in operation and can be demonstrated.

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Used Siemens High Star D5000

Inventory Number: 59311
Now (USD): $60,000.00

Bruker/Siemens XRD X-Ray Diffractometer. High sensitivity with rugged construction, fast results with high reproducibility. Diffrac Plus release 2003 EVA Version 9.0 on screen. XRD Desktop. Bruker AXS M3904FFF2 with Dongle. XRD Detector: Siemens 1768. XRD Base: Siemens 1769. XRD Source: Siemens 400260. Neslab Merlin M150 chiller. Still running in lab.

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