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Refurbished with a 30 Day Right of Return and 3-Month Warranty! (Unless sold "AS-IS" * )


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Description: THOR LABS - LDC500
Laser Diode Controller. Extremely precise controller for laser diodes and LEDs. Safe simple operation of all laser diodes up to 0.5A. Current control range continuous: 0 to +/- 500 milli amps. Power control range photo current: 5 milli amps to 2 milli amps. 115V, 60 Hz, CE.  
Price: $495
Inventory Number: 55670
Click for fullsize THOR LABS_LDC500.jpg Photo: THOR LABS LDC500 Click for fullsize THOR LABS_LDC500.jpg Photo: THOR LABS LDC500

* = Warranty terms only apply to non "as-is" items. "As-Is" items will have different return and warranty conditions. Contact us for details.

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